What Is The Difference Between Mindset and Attitude?

This article discusses the difference between attitude and mindset. Also, well find out if mindset and attitude are the same or not. 

Difference Between Mindset and Attitude?

Attitude and mindset are often used together. Though they both are required in individual success, they differ in some or another way. In order to understand how they differ, we need to understand what they are. Let’s find out what mindset and attitude are and the difference between both of them.

Attitude is a settled opinion on something that you typically display in your behaviour. So your attitude toward any given thing can be determined by examining how you behave or the way your approach towards that thing is.

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On the other hand, mindset is the sum of your thoughts and beliefs, which shape how you interpret the world. When it comes to making sense of yourself, where you come from, what your potential is – your mindset matters. If you have a healthy mindset, then you will think positively, feel better and even find it easier to manifest changes in your life

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So as now you have understood what they really mean, let’s understand how they really differ and affect our life.

Are Mindset and Attitude the Same Thing?

No, mindset and attitude are not the same things. Mindset is what you are from within but attitude is the exterior part of you.

This is because your thoughts help to build your attitude. The way you think, what your beliefs are, or how you perceive the world reflects in your attitude. This is why attitude can be faked, but mindset cannot, as mindset is what you are from within and attitude is what you are from outside.

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Therefore, though they are interdependent, they are not the same.
Mindset is not an attitude, but they are both essential ingredients for success. Mindset gives you clarity and, with that clarity, one easily develops his/her attitude in order to attain success.

It can be a bit confusing, so in order to understand clearly, let’s differentiate between the two.

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Difference Between Mindset And Attitude

A way of thinkingThe way of carrying oneself
Mindset can’t be faked because it determines who you areAttitude can be faked because it is more of an external thing
Your mindset determines how you percieve the worldYour attitude determines how you’ll react with the world
Mindset shapes our attitudeOur attitude strengthen our mindset

Winding Up

Attitude and mindset, though, go hand in hand, but they differ and that’s what people don’t understand. The majority of us think that if we’ll change our attitude, we are building our mindset too.

But this is not the case, and that’s what I have tried to clarify in this article.

I hope this article helped you to understand the difference between mindset and attitude so that you can work on both of them accordingly in order to achieve success.

Thanks for reading.

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