4 Important Qualities That Make A Great Leader

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

4 Important Qualities That Make A Great Leader: An Indian Approach

Everyone in the 21st century wants to be a great leader, but no one knows how to become one. Do you know the four most important qualities that make a great leader?

Before writing this article, I searched about the topic, but I found the same boring techniques, qualities that every leader should possess. Still, there is nothing new in those obsolete approaches.

The four qualities I will share are based on the Indian approach that you can find in the old Hindu texts like Puranas, Epics, Upanishads, etc.

This article will apply an Indian approach in leadership and talk about the four most important qualities of great leaders.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How Indian Approach To Leadership is Different?

Before we get started with the qualities of a great leader, let us know what makes the Indian leadership approach different from other approaches.

greek approach to leadership

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The qualities of Greek leaders is different as it portrays a leader as a hero who fights and saves his people from problems who is an authority.

Biblical approach to leadership

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According to the Bible, the biblical approach to leadership is different; according to the Bible, a leader takes his people to a promised land, a land where no one has ever reached before. You just have to follow the order of the lord (Commandments).

So what qualities do leaders possess in an Indian model?

Indian approach to leadership

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According to the Indian model of leadership, the leader is very different; the leader is based on someone who does not promise anything or takes you to a promised land.

He is the one who knows you are capable and tries to create an ecosystem so that his people can become the best version of themselves. He is like a “Yajaman” ( a person who evokes the best qualities out of you) who also has a different perception of the world.

Now, as you know how Indian leadership qualities are different from other approaches and teaching, let’s talk about the 4 qualities of a great leader.

Note: I am not commenting on which leadership is good or bad; I have just differentiated all three models. My intention is not to hurt sentiments.

4 Top Qualities That Make A Great Leader

1.The Last to Speak

Important qualities of leader

There is a piece of common advice given by many people to be a good listener, but do you know is the last to speak is more important?
With this quality of the leaders, he gives the feeling to his people that they have been heard. A great leader does not give his opinions to be accepted at any cost.

This important quality of genuine leaders gives everybody in the room the feeling that they have contributed; they are doing their part and important.

A good leader has a unique quality of keeping his opinions to himself and asking questions so that he can understand his people well so that he can understand the reason behind his peoples’ opinion.

See, a good ‘Raja’(ruler or leader) is someone who tries to understand his ‘Praja’(his followers, team, or his people).

2. Learns From Others Mistakes

what makes a great leader?

The wonderful quality of an influential leader, according to the Indian leadership approach, is that the leader remains so alert and observant that he learns from others’ mistakes.
A great leader tries not to make the same mistakes people have made before in the same situation.
This trait saves him and his team from wasting time, resources and makes them even more productive.

See, the genuine leaders will not teach you to not make mistakes. They will support you if you make one but what makes them extraordinary is their capability to learn from mistakes and try not to repeat the same.

3. He Makes You Feel Safe and Equal to Him

qualities of leaders

This quality of a leader is my personal favourite; I’ll tell you why.

The best way you can find someone who is an outstanding leader or not is when you enter the room or talk to someone who claims he is a moral leader. Observe how you are feeling while communicating with him.

If you feel safe, confident and you feel energized or someone important while talking to him, he is a prominent leader; on the other hand, if he makes you feel small, you feel the less positive energy, arrogance, then he is not a leader.

You ‘must have heard about the famous Indian epic Ramayana. In Ramayana, Lord Ram had all the qualities of a great leader.  There was never a day Lord Ram treated his sena like a “sena” but family. Rama worked together with his brother Lakshmana, Hanuman, Vanarsena & squirrels to build the bridge to reach Lanka to rescue his wife, Sita.

Well, Lord Ram is not a leader because he doesn’t lead anyone, but he has a quality that every leader can try to develop.

A king is not the owner of the kingdom; he is its custodian. If the kingdom is a cow that gives milk, the king is the cowherd. That is the traditional model of a leader in Hindu mythology. The king takes care of the kingdom and the kingdom nourishes him. He defends the kingdom and the kingdom empowers him.

Devdutt Pattanaik

Note: Here, king means leader, and kingdom means team or people.

4. A Great Leader Attracts Laxmi(Peace, Prosperity, Positive Energy)


I told you a way to find a better leader in the third point, but do you know there is one more.

You can find a great leader by observing if he is attracting Laxmi or Laxmi is going away from him. In management language, you can describe Laxmi as customers, sales, etc.

Do you know Lord Vishnu? He is described as a preserver within the Trimurti(Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh).

According to Puranas he takes diffrent incarbnation or avatars in diffrent Yugas or time. So what does this depicts?

We can learn that, like Lord Vishnu‘s different incarnations in different Yugas, we should adapt to life changes.

The one who changes with time, who develops, who never remains the frog in the well becomes a great leader and attracts prosperity, peace, money, etc.

Key Lessons We Learn From This Article

  1. Adapt change.
  2. A leader is someone who makes his team feel safe and positive.
  3. great leader speaks at last.
  4. A great leader is someone who understands his team.
  5. A leader does not show his team an end goal but creates an ecosystem where his team grows.
  6. Learning from others’ mistakes makes an influential leader.

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