All Avatars Of Vishnu: 24 Avatars Of Lord Vishnu

Vishnu has been reborn 23 times, and in each incarnation, he has assumed a new physical appearance. It is anticipated that he will show up one final time at the close of the Kaliyuga, which will bring the total number of avatars to 24. This article will provide you with comprehensive information on all 24 avatars of Vishnu.

24 Avatars Of Lord Vishnu

The Meaning Of Avatars in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the word “avatar” comes from the Sanskrit word “descent,” which translates to “incarnation.” It represents the embodiment or manifestation of a supreme deity on earth.

Meaning Of Avatars in Hinduism
Meaning of Avatar in Hinduism

Hence, the term avatar refers to an incarnation from heaven to earth, which occurs when the Hindu god Lord Vishnu, takes a human form to preserve justice, fight evil, and restore balance in the world. You might be curious as to why only Vishnu, out of all the gods, takes human form. Simply put, it’s because Vishnu is the protector. His primary responsibility is to preserve the order of the cosmos.

List Of All 24 Avatars Of Lord Vishnu

No.Avatar NamesWhy They Incarnated
1Adi PurushSource of all creation in the universe
2Four KumarsLord Brahma made the first four sentient beings.
3NaradaNarada was born to the god Bramha, and he is a devoted follower of Vishnu.
4Nara NarayanaBorn to ensure truth, justice, righteousness, and other elements of Dharma on Earth.
5KapilaIncarnated on Earth to Restore the Dharmic Balance through His Teachings.
6DattatreyaIncarnated to destroy ego of Goddess Laxmi, Parvati and Saraswati.
7YajnaPersonification of Yajna
8RishabhaPreacher and a spiritual leader
9PrithuResponsible for all the greenery, and the cultivation of all the crops
10DhanvantariEmerged from the ocean with a pot of Amrit during Samudra Manthan.
11MohiniTricked the demons into handing her the Amrit, which they forcefully took from the gods
12HayagreevaRestored to light and wisdom, and defeated darkness, by bringing back the Vedas from Asuras.
13VyasaThe immortal sage who authored Mahabharata.
14MatsyaPreached philosophy to King Satyavrat.
15KurmaLord Kurma acted as a base to churn the ocean during Samudra Manthan.
16VarahaSlayed the demon Hiranyaksha.
17NarsimhaSaved Prahlad from Hiranya Kashyap.
18VamanaDethroned Mahabali.
19ParshuramBorn to free the world from the oppression of the evil Kshatriyas.
20RamaKilled Ravana.
21BalramaElder brother of Krishna
22KrishnaKilled Kansa and acted as a Counsellor to Pandavas during Mahabharata.
23BuddhaTaught Noble Eightfold Paths of living.
24KalkiLast Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Said to free the world at the end of Kaliyuga from darkness.
24 Avatars of Lord Vishnu

1. Adi Purush

Adi Purush

Adi Purush, the first and most important incarnation of Vishnu (also called Narayana), is often shown resting his head on the tails of the serpent Adishesha. He is the origin of everything that has ever been brought into being in the universe.

2. Four Kumars

Four Kumars

With a thought and a desire, Brahma brought into being the first four Kumaras and thus began the series of creations.

Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, Sanatkumara. After thousands of years of penance, Brahma saw Lord Vishnu asleep atop Ananta Shesha. As a reward for his devotion, the merciful god Vishnu bestowed upon him a foundational understanding of the Vedas. After learning that, he created. Brahma’s Four Kumaras The four Kumaras were pure beings created to aid Brahma in life creation.

3. Narada


Narada, who wears the garb of a sage and carries the khartal and tambura, can instantaneously shift between several dimensions. A Narayana devotee who teaches humble souls Vedic wisdom. Narada Muni implants the utmost knowledge in an inquiring spirit. His students Ved Vyasa, Dhruva Maharaj, and others exemplified transcendental wisdom.

4. Nara Narayana

Nara Narayana

Nara and his brother Narayana were born to Dharma through his marriage to Murti, a daughter of Daksha and so thought to be divine and enlightened beings (Rishis) and partial incarnations of Vishnu. For world peace, they dwell in Badrika and practice extreme austerities and meditation. These two inseparable sages become earthly embodiments for humanity.

5. Kapila


The Mahabharata mentions Kapila Muni. An incarnation of Vishnu and a descendent of Manu, the first human, who was a grandson of the creator god Brahma. He founded Samkhya philosophy. Samkhya is the process of acquiring knowledge, and it is comprised of three components: perception, inference, and the testimony of the sources.

6. Dattatraya


In the Puranas, Dattatraya is revered as a Guru and an Avatar of Vishnu because of his superior wisdom and perception.

7. Yajna/ Yajneshwara


Yajna or Yajneshwara, an incarnation of Vishnu in the Bhagavata Purana, is the epitome of Yajna, a rite where fire is lit and sacrifice is given to make wishes to the deities.

8. Rishabha


As one of Vishnu’s twenty-four incarnations, Rishabha appears in the Bhagavata Purana. He was born to King Nabhi and Queen Marudevi, and is hailed as the great ascetic who masters the five senses.

9. Prithu


The Vedic writings name Prithu, a ruler and Avatar of Vishnu. He is the one who is accountable for all of the vegetation and the production of all crops that exist on our planet. King Prithu served God wholeheartedly and enlightened his subjects with religious knowledge.

10. Dhanvantari


After the gods and the demons had completed churning the ocean, Dhanavantari emerged, carrying a pot of Amrit (nectar of immortality) in his hand. He is revered for good health because of his status as the “god of Ayurveda” and “master of medicines.”

11. Mohini


Mohini, often known as the enchantress, is the only feminine incarnation of Vishnu. In many parts of south India there are numerous shrines dedicated to the female avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu incarnated as an apsara (Mohini), and used deception to obtain the Amrit, which the demons had stolen from the gods following the churning of the seas.

12. Hayagreeva


Hayagriva is a reincarnation of the god Vishnu in this world. With a horse’s head and a human body, he is the god of wisdom and intelligence. Lord Hayagreeva vanquished darkness by reclaiming the Vedas from Madhu and Kaitaba demons.

13. Vyasa


Vyasa, or Vedavyasa, is the pen name of Krishna Dvaipayana, the author of the Mahabharat, the most well-known Hindu epic. Many people believe that he is a reincarnation of the god Vishnu.

14. Matsya Avatar


The first of Mahavishnu’s Dashavatara was Matsya Avatar. He is a form of Vishnu that is half fish and half person. According to the Matsya Puran, Matsya warns Manu, the head of the people, of the big flood, and then assists Manu in his efforts to save all of the movable living beings, the Vedas, and the seeds of all vegetation.

15. Kurma Avatar


Kurma also known as Tortoise, is Lord Vishnu’s second incarnation, who holds up Mount Mandāra in the Shir Sagar as a churning rod for Vishnu.

16. Varaha Avatar


Taking the form of a man and a pig, Vishnu manifests as Varaha. According to Hindu mythology, he kills the demon Hiranyaksha and raises the earth goddess Bhudevi from the depths with his tusks.

17. Narsimha


The god Vishnu has many incarnations, and Narsimha is one of them. Despite having a human form, the Lord’s head is that of a lion. He was born to defeat Hiranya Kashyap and preserve the world and his supreme disciple, Pralaad.

18. Vamana


The Vamana Avatar’s function, according to Vishnu Purana, was to control Mahabali’s expanding might and restore Indra’s grandeur after he was defeated and lost his sovereign control over the sky. In addition to being the grandson of Prahlada, Mahabali was also the great-grandson of Hiranyakasipu.

19. Parashurama


Brahmin Kshatriya Parashurama was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. He was incarnated to put an end to the terrible dictatorship of Kshatriya rulers, who viewed themselves as gods and used their authority to corrupt Dharma.

20. Lord Ram


In addition to Krishna, Rama was one of Vishnu’s most prominent incarnations. Another name for him is Maryada Purshotam Ram. Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu sent to Earth to avenge the destruction of Dharma by the demon Ravan.

21. Balarama


Lord Krishna’s older sibling, Balarama, is mentioned in the Mahabharata. He was Duryodhana and Bhima’s “Gada” teacher and a strong plowman (the weapon). In addition to his role alongside Krishna in vanquishing Kansa, Balarama is also frequently portrayed as an avatar of Seshnaag.

22. Krishna


Lord Krishna, the eighth reincarnation of Vishnu, is one of the most adored and well-liked deities in India. Not only did he help bring down his despotic maternal uncle Kansa, but he also served as the Pandava brothers’ advisor and Arjuna’s charioteer and guide in the epic Mahabharata.

23. Buddha


Siddhartha Gautama, around two thousand five hundred years ago in India, established Buddhism as a religion. He established the Buddhist faith and taught the Noble Eightfold Paths as a means to alleviate human suffering.

24. Kalki


The final incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu is known as Kalki and is expected to come at the conclusion of the current Kali-yuga. Kalki is pictured as a sword-wielding warrior atop a white horse. All of his reincarnations, regardless of appearance or chronology, had a commitment to re-establishing Dharma and putting an end to evil.


Which Is the Most Powerful Avatar of Lord Vishnu?

According to Harivamsha, Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar is the most feared and powerful incarnation.

What Is the Number of Avatar of Lord Vishnu as Rama

Lord Rama is the Seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. Because of his bravery and integrity, he was portrayed as the ideal man in the epic poem Ramayana.

Why Did Lord Vishnu Take Krishna Avatar?

Lord Vishnu took the form of Krishna Avatar to defend Dharma and bring universal love and harmony to the world.

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