28 Quotes By Periyar That Remain Relevant Even Today

Venkatappa Ramasamy, revered as Periyar, was an Indian social activist and rationalist. Being a feminist and anti-caste reformer, Periyar had started a Dravidian movement in the state of Tamil Nadu. Even after 45 years of his death, his quotes, thoughts,…


56 Quotes By Starhawk On Spirituality, Faith And More

Starhawk is an American activist, author and earth-based spiritualist. She is the founder of Earth Activist Training, where she teaches permaculture grounded in spirituality. Miriam Simos, popularly known as Starhawk, believes that the Earth is a living entity and that…


36 Self Reflection Quotes To Improve Your Life

Self-reflection quotes can help you make better decisions by making you more aware. With awareness, you will have much clearer thoughts, which will make you aware of your own true nature. But before we begin with our reflections quotes, we…


20 Quotes On Life By Dr Steve Maraboli

A life-changing speaker, author and behavioural scientist, Dr Steve Maraboli, has empowered and inspired millions around the globe. His best-selling books include: Pretend God is Deaf and Life and The Truth and Being Free. His motivational speeches on pillars of…


18 Wisest Quotes I Have Ever Read

I have read many quotes while writing articles or reading books. But some of them just got stuck in my mind. The quotes which I am going to share with you are some of the wisest quotes I have ever…


59 Money Heist Quotes That Are More Than Awesome

Money Heist, a series whose characters not only robbed banks but also our hearts. There are many lines from every character that have taught us something important about life. From Professors planning to Tokyo's extraordinary real perception of life. From…


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