20 Best Don’t Block Your Blessings Quotes

Looking for some amazing don’t block your blessings quotes? Read this collection of 10 best quotes on don’t block your blessings to remind yourself that the universe is always there for you but you have to trust it undoubtedly.

1. “Don’t block your blessings. Don’t let doubt stop you from getting where you want to be.” – Jennifer Hudson

2. “We often block our own blessings because we don’t feel good enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

3. “Don’t block your blessings by holding on to the wrong people because when you do that you will only be hurt and insulted. Learn to let go and let good things happen to you.” – Pooja Chandran

4. “Don’t allow fear to block your blessings. God will make you uncomfortable to allow you to grow.” – Anonymous

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5. “Don’t block your blessings by seeking revenge on people that wronged you. Let it go and trust God to fight all your battles.” – Anonymous

6. “Don’t block your blessings trying to teach somebody a lesson.”


7. “Stop blocking your own blessing and doubting yourself.” – Unknown

8. “Never get so on one thing that you can’t see the bigger picture, you have to be careful to not allow what you think is right for you get in the way of what might be your highest good.” Stacey

9. “Their jealousy can’t block your blessings. Pray for your enemies. If they hate you now they may experience depression when they see what God does in your life next. Pray for their strength.” – Anonymous

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10. “We often block our own blessings because we don’t feel inherently good enough or smart enough or pretty enough or worthy enough… You’re worthy because you are born and because you are here. You’re being here, your being alive makes worthiness your birthright. You alone are enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

11. “A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.”

Mandy Hale

12. “Don’t block your blessings. God is real.” – Unknown

13. “There will be a lot of people mad when God moves on your behalf. Don’t block your blessings to please them. Get ready for your season; it’s due!” – Tony Gaskins

Don't Block Your Blessings Quotes

14. “Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” – Anonymous

15. “Some will talk bad about you non- stop. They’ll try to block your blessings and have doors closed in your face. But what they’ll find out is that God doesn’t have to go through them to get a blessing to you. Stay faithful and keep pressing!”

– Tony Gaskins

16. “Let god work don’t block your blessings by moving too fast when god is working on your behalf be patient! Good things take time! Don’t get weary and don’t get in the way!” – Unknown

17. “Sometimes you block your blessings | by allowing people to be in your life that should have been gone a long time ago.” – Unknown

Don't Block Your Blessings Quotes

18. “Your mouth can block your blessings, learn when to keep quiet.” – Anonymous

19. “People block their own blessing with negativity and don’t even know it.”


20. “Just be yourself, and enjoy blessings that God’s borne out on you.” Delilah

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