20 Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes To Live By

Have you ever come across people who play games with you, but you know what they’re trying to accomplish? Actually, we all do run into people like that at some point in our lives. On the other hand, there are times when we fail to recognize their strategies and become victims of their tricks. So, in order to serve as a constant reminder to myself and to you, I’ve put together this collection of don’t play games with me quotes.

The following quotes are meant to help you avoid people who try to deceive you and pretend to be your best friends, but who are actually plotting against you.

Best Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes

don't play games with me quotes

1. “Treat me like a human, and I’ll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played.”


2. “Don’t play with me, I’m the game no one ever understood.”


3. “I heard you are a player. Nice meeting you. Well, I am a coach.”


4. “Don’t play with me, you’ve only seen the pleasant sight of this game, believe me! You can’t handle the worst!”

don't play games with me

5. “Don’t play with me, I’m not a game to be played by kids. You better prefer upgrading yourself.”


6. “Don’t play games with those who once thought you the rules to be a player. You’ll end up stressed.” – Unknown


7. “Don’t play with me, I’m more than what I show, and much more then what you sow.”

Unknown, Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes

8. “Don’t play games with me, coz I think I can play better than you.” – Anonymous

9. “Don’t play games with me, I’m nothing like you want me to be. It’s not about popularity, it’s about darkness and honesty. I can’t be defeated. As I’m in the right path.”

don't play games with me

10. “I am not a game. Don’ play with me. Don’ mess with my head or you’ll see I can do better than you.”


11. “Say what you want, but don’t play games with my affection. Take what you need, but don’t leave me with no direction.”

Michael Jackson

12. “Mind games do not make me believe you are mysterious or interesting. Mind games do make me believe you are a waste of my energy, and a waste of my time. ”


14. “Don’t play a game with me. Whether I win or lose, I know how to end it. And that will disappoint you. ”

Dorji Wangmo
don't play games with me

15. “I don’t understand why people feel the need to play mind games constantly.”


16. “Insecure people put others down to raise themselves up.”


17. “I love people who are direct. You know where they stand and they don’t play games.”


18. “I have a limit and when you reach it, I dismiss you from my life. It is that simple.”

don't play games with me

19. “Common mind games often used to manipulate you. Gaslighting, negative humor, projection, pretend ignorance, guilt tripping, victimhood, silent treatment, constant criticism, and tantrum throwing.”


20. “I’m too old for mind games, too tired to pretend, and too wise for lies. So don’t play games with me.”


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