5 Best Spiritual Podcasts You Should Listen To If You’re a Seeker

When we don’t have the time to read or watch something, podcasts are a terrific alternative. We can listen to podcasts while working out, driving, taking a shower – you get the picture!

People enjoy podcasts of all kinds, from “how to get my girlfriend back” to “what the heck is crypto” But now, a new genre of podcasts has emerged, and it’s pushing its way to the top of the most popular podcast genres, that is, spirituality.

5 Best Spiritual Podcasts

For spiritual seekers all across the world, there’s no better way to learn about spirituality and personal growth than with the ease that podcasts provide.

By the way I love podcasts, so, I have curated five of the best spiritual podcasts that will make your spiritual journey more fascinating and easier for all the searchers out there.

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

Comedian, mixed martial arts (MMA) commentator, television personality, and host of a popular podcast, Joe Rogan has amassed a sizable fan base of listeners who adore his no-holds-barred approach and wide variety of podcast guests.

Guests on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, have included everyone from sports and actresses to politicians and authors throughout the course of its ten-year run. It’s not uncommon for Joe Rogan’s interviews to last more than one hour, allowing him to get to know his guests on a deeper level.

Many of his podcasts, in which he and guests discuss spirituality, are outstanding. For instance, his podcast with Naval Ravikant, Sam Hariss, and Sadhguru is one of my personal favorites.

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2. Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast

This interview-based podcast has Jonathan Robinson, Deepak Chopra, and even Marianne Williamson as guests. Typical of Oprah’s style, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to delving deep and posing difficult questions. This is the reason why this podcast makes it place among the best spiritual podcasts globally.

The podcast not only emphasizes the value of being present in the moment but it also talks about mindfulness, practicing gratitude and meditation, which are the basis of spirituality.

3. Tara Brach Podcast

Teaching and writing about mindfulness and compassion are among Tara Brach’s many talents as a doctoral-level psychologist and meditation expert.

She is the best-selling author of the blockbuster meditation books Radical Acceptance and True Refuge as well as Radical Compassion. Tara Brach, a psychotherapist and teacher of Buddhist meditation, provides inspiring speeches and guided meditations in her spiritual podcast.

Spiritual awakening and other deep topics like self-compassion, and relieving emotional suffering are also Brach’s forte which she beautifully cover’s in her podcast.

4. The Ranveer Show By Ranveer Allahbadia

Each and every segment of The Ranveer’s Show has something unique to offer. Every episode from his podcast invigorate you in some way, whether it be through spirituality, health, lifestyle advice, or just simply “plain old inspiration”.

This podcast takes an in-depth look inside the minds of some of the most brilliant and successful people in the world, and believe me some podcasts will really go whoo. From Gaur Gopal Das, Devdutt to Jay Shetty every guest on the show will walk you through his meaning of spirituality.

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The podcasts in which Ranveer opens up about his own spiritual path and the darkest times in his life are the ones that I personally love listening to.

5. On Being By Krista Tippett

What does it mean to be human and have a meaningful life? That’s the question that Krista Tippett addresses in her podcast.

The main focus is on abstract concepts such as spiritual life, nature, beauty, and loss, as these topics tend to form our inner life.

Interviews with Tippett’s guests have ranged in subject matter from poetry and physics to medicine and history.

Many brilliant minds have been on her shows throughout the years, including the 14th Dalai Lama, Maya Angelou, Desmond Tutu, Mohammed Fairouz, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rosanne Cash and more.

As a podcast listener, you may make the most of the time that might otherwise go to waste — when driving, doing the laundry, or even cooking a favorite cuisine. Podcasts that are religious or spiritual can help you relax and feel more at one with yourself.

In many cases, the most challenging questions in life are addressed in spiritual podcasts, giving us the opportunity to ponder them in depth. In other words, if you’re looking to learn more about self-improvement and spirituality, the 5 podcasts listed above could help. Otherwise, my spiritual blogs are always there for you.

Have a great day!

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