How Introspection Can Inspire Your Growth and Development?

Last Updated on June 26, 2022

Many of you don’t know what wrong things you are doing in your daily lives. You can never find out your mistakes if you are unaware of them. I was reading a book named “God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita” and I learned the importance of self-introspection. I will tell you how introspection can help you in finding what is going wrong in your life so that you can inspire your growth and development.

What is Introspection?

Introspection involves observing your mental and emotional thoughts. In a nutshell, introspection is about “looking into” because it is all about looking at what you are, how you think, how you react, what you did wrong in your day, what you did right, etc. 

Introspection is self-analyzation. You examine yourself through introspecting, this little thing can enhance your growth, development, positive attitude, humbleness, etc.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.  – Aristotle

Now you will ask how introspecting can inspire your growth or make you a better person?

Let us learn how a small thing like introspection will change you overall.

Introspection Can Lead To Personal Growth And Development

Introspection Inspire Your Growth & Development?

Introspection or self-realization is a real mirror to see what you really are and when you know yourself, it acts as a catalyst to your growth.

Self-introspection is all about growing developing and being better every passing day. It is such a humbling process. You get to know your thoughts, mindset, weaknesses, etc. 

I read a book called God Talks With Arjuna by Paramhansa Yogananda and was inspired by it. It is a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. It is an amazing book, and it talked about how there is not only an external battle that we see through our eyes but also internal battles that we fight every day internally.

The author explained it easily by an example.  The book said that say there are two kings, King Soul and King Ego. King’s soul represents all the good things such as right thought, action, mindset, wisdom, etc, and King’s ego represents all the bad things such as ego, more material desires, jealousy, etc.

Your mind goes through this battle between these two kings, and their success is all dependent on you.

When you shout at someone and get angry, you make King’s ego the winner and when you control it the King’s soul gets the victory. So you must introspect yourself at night. Check yourself internally what wrong you did and how you can control it.  When you deeply introspect yourself, you move towards growth and success because you are aware of who you really are.

Introspection and reflection act as a powerful catalyst in personal growth. 

Gaur Gopal Das

Most of our mistakes come down to one critical error, our failure to know ourselves well enough. That’s why we need to learn the art of introspection. When you make it your habit, you will see that you are more aware of your mistakes, and when you attempt to correct them, you will grow.

If you know you are arrogant, accept it and change yourself. Small steps to convert your weaknesses into strengths will inspire your overall development in life.  Now, as you understand how introspection is such a crucial tool or catalyst for your growth, let us learn about the correct way to introspect yourself.

How To Introspect Yourself?

How does introspection lead to personal growth and development?

Many articles, videos, etc., suggest how you can introspect yourself, but most often they say to do it anytime. The most common way you can introspect yourself is to just observe your thoughts and emotions going the right way or the wrong way.

This way to perceive introspection is not absolutely right.  I will tell you the correct way which matches with the thoughts of Bhagavad Gita.

4 Steps to Introspect Yourself Correctly (Yes You Were Doing it Wrong)

Steps to Introspect Yourself Correctly

Before hopping to the steps, let’s first talk about what is good stuff, and what is nasty stuff?  Good Stuff: Helping others, not lying, being humble, compassion, patience, etc. Bad Stuff: Lying, anger, impoliteness, ego, lust, greed, jealousy, etc.

Now as you know about what “good” and “bad” I am talking about(which every human possesses) let’s know about the right way to introspect yourself to grow and develop individually.

1. At Night Just Sit in a Quiet Place

Just Sit in a Silent Place

You do so many things and remain in your thoughts. So it is very hard to analyze yourself with honesty during the day because you remain so weighed down by your thoughts and tired. So why am I suggesting you introspect yourself at night? The night is the best time to introspect yourself because that is the time you can think deeply about what you have done on that same day.

Just sit in a quiet or silent place because it will help you analyze yourself with clarity and with no disturbance.

2. Judge Yourself/ Be Accountable

Judge Yourself/ Be Accountable

We judge others so easily, yes or no? The answer is affirmative; It is so much hard to judge yourself. So the thing which you have to do in introspection is to judge yourself honestly. Just be honest with yourself. If you have hurt somebody today and you did it, do not make excuses for your actions.

When you will admit the things, you will work on them, and day by day you will become a better version of your own self. The only reason we make the same mistakes is that we are unaware of them.

We remain in denial by giving excuses to ourselves.

3. Promise Yourself That You Will Try to Not Repeat the Mistake

Promise Yourself

Just admit what you have done wrong and promise yourself that you will fix it. If you will just think that it happened because he/she did that to me, or you blame others for your mistakes, you will never improve them. Introspect yourself every night, and you will see a big change in yourself.

Why Is Introspection Important?

Introspection is important, especially for your growth, and there are many reasons to explain this. Let’s talk about some of the importance of introspection for growth, which can benefit your life, too.

  1. It will help you get to know yourself better.
  2. It will help you to find the same patterns that cause you pain in life.
  3. You will find your reasons for happiness and sorrow.
  4. It will help you in finding what to improve in yourself.
  5. It will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. You will come a step closer to knowing yourself.
  7. It will stress you ate first because you will feel what you have done wrong but will benefit you in a long run.
  8. It will help you in becoming a better version of yourself.

So now, as you know the benefits and importance of introspection, then try it and inspire your growth and personal development in the best possible way.


Finally, being aware of your faults, strengths, and weaknesses is the first step toward growth and development. The only way to know these is to introspect yourself.

Self-introspection is a very important part of your life and I suggest you follow it every night because it just takes 5 minutes.

I hope that all of you inspire your growth and personal development so that you all reach greater heights in your lives.

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