42 Best Inspiring Bob Proctor Quotes To Become Limitless

Bob Proctor is a well-known speaker and motivational coach. His book, “You were born rich,” is one of the best-selling books ever published by The New York Times. Bob, who was born on July 5, 1934, began his professional life by working in a fire department. It was then that he met a man who gave him a book Think and Grow Rich. After reading the book, Bob asserts that it fundamentally altered the course of his life.

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After realizing that his life’s work was to aid others, Bob Proctor launched his first company in 1973 with that goal in mind. Millions of people’s lives have been improved thanks to his work since then.

The law of attraction, fulfilling your life’s mission, and exploring your inner self are all topics that Bob Proctor discusses in his speeches. Here, then, is a compilation of Bob Proctor‘s most inspiring words of wisdom on how to apply the Law of Attraction in everyday life.

Best Inspiring Bob Proctor Quotes

1. “Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there” – Bob Proctor

Most of the most successful people in life are consistent. If you can’t do something everyday, leave it.

2. “Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

3. “You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision.”

– Bob Proctor Quotes

4. “Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose!” – Bob Proctor

5. “Most people are not going after what they want. Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they’re going after what they think they can get.” – Bob Proctor

It is crucial to understand what you truly want and not what others want you to seek. Understand yourself first in life.

6. “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” – Bob Proctor

7. “If you do not get the chills when you set your goal you’re not setting big enough goals.” – Bob Proctor

8. “The Subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.” – Bob Proctor

9. “Do you want to know what you think about most of the time? Take a look at the results you’re getting. That will tell you exactly what’s going on inside.” – Bob Proctor Quotes

10. “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person” – Bob Proctor

11. “Your purpose explains what you are doing with your life. Your vision explains how you are living your purpose. Your goals enable you to realize your vision.” – Bob Proctor

Take the initiative to actually get things done. When necessary, take a break, but keep your focus on the goal.

12. “Money is only used for two things. One, it’s to make you comfortable, and the more comfortable you are the more creative you will become. And the other purpose is it enables you to extend the service you provide far beyond your own presence.”

– Bob Proctor

13. “Everything has been created twice once on a mental plain and once on a physical plain.” – Bob Proctor

14. “You want to make sure that your purpose is something people can benefit from long after you’re gone.” – Bob Proctor

Do something for the society. How to do that? Try to do something that can help others even if you are just someone who wash cars, do it in a way that it brings smile on someone’s face.

15. “When you really want something, and you couple that with an understanding of your nature, of your spiritual being, and the law that govern you, you will keep going, regardless of what’s happened. Nothing will stop you.” – Bob Proctor

16. “You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution.” – Bob Proctor

17. “You must do what others won’t, commit and stay the course.” – Bob Proctor

18. “You’re going to find the people that make it work NEVER quit, quitting is NOT an option.” – Bob Proctor

19. “Don’t be a victim of negative self-talk. Remember, you are listening.” – Bob Proctor

20. “No amount of reading or memorizing will make you successful in life. It is the understanding and application of wise thought that counts.” – Bob Proctor Quotes

21. “Wake Up Winners are wide awake; they are alive. Every day you will find them in the marketplace making things happen. The real winners are not just dreamers. Although they have dreams, they are doers: They realize their dreams. They are the bell ringers, always attempting to wake others up to the numerous opportunities life offers.” – Bob Proctor

22. “I treat winning and losing exactly the same. I see them both as necessary steps to get us where we are going. Big failures big lessons little failures little lessons.” – Bob Proctor

23. “Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause for success or failure in life. It is the hidden self-image you have of yourself.” – Bob Proctor

24. “If you know what to do to reach your goal, it’s not a big enough goal.” – Bob Proctor

25. “To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all. But to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing.”

– Bob Proctor

26. “I am a spiritual person living in a human body, not a human body with a spirit.” – Bob Proctor

27. “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person.” – Bob Proctor

28. “Gratitude is an attitude that hooks us up to our source of supply. And the more grateful you are, the closer you become to your maker, to the architect of the universe, to the spiritual core of your being. It’s a phenomenal lesson.” – Bob Proctor

29. “Life can be absolutely phenomenal, and it should be, and it will be, when you start using the secret.” – Bob Proctor

30. “Anyone who has ever accomplished anything of any consequence, didn’t know how to get what they want, they only knew that they were going to get it. You don’t know how to do something, until after you’ve done it. Our problem is, we set goals to do what we think we can do or what we’ve already done. There’s no inspiration in that.” – Bob Proctor

31. “Once you make the decision you will find all the people, resources, and ideas you need every time.” – Bob Proctor Quotes

32. “Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.” – Bob Proctor

33. “Everyone should have a sense of urgency – It is getting a lot done in a short period of time in a calm confident manner.” – Bob Proctor

As Elon Musk says if you want something in 10 years make a list of all those goals. Now figure out the way to achieve those goals in 1 year. You will fail and that’s for sure but you will achieve those goals faster than anybody else.

34. “Everything you are seeking is seeking you. Therefore, everything you want is already yours. So you don’t have to get anything. It is simply a matter of becoming more aware of what you already possess.” – Bob Proctor

35. “Goals are to help us grow, goals are to help us get. The getting is a side benefit; the growth is the real benefit.” – Bob Proctor

36. “Become personally involved with your dream and make it a priority, or it will never become a reality.” – Bob Proctor

37. “The fear of making a decision is the result of fearing to make a mistake – the truth is, the fear of mistakes has a greater impact on you than making the mistakes.”

– Bob Proctor

38. “Quite often very talented people FAIL because they believe they are too big to do the little things, while the most successful amongst us are quite willing to do the little things. They truly are BIG people.”

39. “The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, give more.” – Bob Proctor Quotes

40. “One difference between successful people and all the rest is that successful people take action.” – Bob Proctor

41. “By visualizing your goal already completed, you flip your mind onto the frequency that contains the way that it will be attracted to you.”

– Bob Proctor

The power of our imaginations plays a significant role in our lives. Imagination is defined as the ability to create an internal mental image of an object, scene, or experience that does not exist in or has never been observed in your life but you think of it in your mind as it has been manifested. This thought process can really attract what you really want in life because manifestation is very powerful.

42. “Jobs and money are never the primary cause of stress. Thinking, negative thinking causes stress.” – Bob Proctor

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