Brahma Muhurta: Benefits Of Waking Up & How It Can Transform Your Mind

My Nani (Maternal Grandmother) wakes up at 4:30 every morning and I always used to think why she chose that particular time. Like she can wake up at 5 or 5:30 and I was really curious.

brahma muurata

So one day we were discussing Gods and scriptures because she is the very very devoted woman I have ever seen. And like every Indian grandmother she loves Bhajans and Kirtans.

When I asked her about why she wakes up at 4:30 every morning she explained to me the science behind it and the benefits of waking up at that time. She said that this is not a normal time, but a Brahma Muhurta, during which every Rishi and Pandit wakes up.

It is a holy time that starts one-and-a-half hours before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before sunrise.

In this article, I am going to share what I have heard and learned from my Grandparents and Pandits about the Brahma Muhurta, the benefits of waking and meditating at that time, and how it can transform your mind.

What is Brahma Muhurta? And What is the Time Of Brahma Muhurta?

The Brahmamuhurt muhurta begins 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and lasts until 48 minutes before sunrise. That can be anywhere between 4 am to 5 am depending upon the time of Sunrise.

The term “Brahma Muhurta” is composed of the words “brahma” and “muhurta,” the former of which means “holy” and the latter of which means “time.” Therefore, Brahma muhurta can be translated as “time of Brahma,” “sacred time,” or “creator’s hour.”

It is the muhurta, or auspicious time, for all yoga practices and is ideal for meditation, worship, or any other religious observance, as it occurs during the night’s final phase.

What Exactly Happens During Brahma Muhurta? Why It is Auspicious?

Brahma Muhurta holds both scientific and spiritual significance. During a conversation when someone asked Sadhguru, why Brahma Muhurta is auspicious.

He said, that due to the planet’s orbital alignment with the sun and moon, the human body undergoes periodic changes at this time. Pineal gland secretion of melatonin, also known as the “mood stabiliser hormone,” creates an environment that is optimal for calming the body and mind. Because the pineal gland’s secretion is highest during Brahma Muhurta, it’s an ideal time to achieve equilibrium.

“There is substantial research into this. The entire body is in a certain conducive atmosphere, and there is a natural production of what is called melatonin, which is a secretion of the pineal gland. We want to make use of this because the pineal gland is secreting at its maximum during Brahma Muhurta, which means you can stabilize.”


There are many gurus and spiritual practitioners who advise to carry out your spiritual processes during Brahma Muhurta so that you can obtain the maximum amount of benefits.

What To Do As You Wake Up During Brahma Muhurta?

It is recommended to perform Japa and meditation right after waking up. When you have finished your Japa and meditation practices, you can move on to the practice of Asana, which consists of a series of postures.

Before beginning your Japa and meditation practice, it is recommended that you recite a number of divine stotras, or hymns; chant OM a few times, or engage in kirtan for a few minutes. This will quickly bring your mind to a higher level and drive away feelings of lethargy and sleepiness. Some people also recommend reading scriptures during the Brahma Muhurta as it can calm your mind and frankly what’s better than a pot of wisdom?

Moreover, you can also practice self-reflection or introspection during Brahma Muhurta.

Remember yesterday’s deeds and the number of times you succumbed to negative emotions. Do not let these recollections overwhelm you with remorse. Just notice them. If you do this daily, you will gradually become less susceptible to these sorts of negative emotions.

So, now we have discussed everything about Brahma Muhurta, like what is the time and what you can do after waking up. This takes to the final part of our post, the benefits of waking up during this time.

Benefits Of Waking Up In The Brahma Muhurta

There are numerous benefits of waking up in Brahma Muhurta. My Nani told me that it freshens up the mood, makes you calmer and it is good for your health. When I looked into some research I found the same.

In one study performed by the International Journal of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine, the researchers found some very interesting mental patterns in the mind of people who used to wake up during the period of Brahma Muhurta.

“Brahma Muhurta is a very useful time in 24 Hour cycle of a day. It enhances the intellectual property of human being because variety of compatible biological event that nurtures the neurons and every vital organs of the body, takes place in positive way. It regulates the instability of mind thus very important for yogik practices. If someone synchronize life style with biological clock, his health would be preserved against various disorders. In short we can say that Brahma Muhurta is an auspicious time that promotes physical mental, social and spiritual health as well.”

Read the full research

Hence, according to various studies (cited at the end of this article) and spiritual gurus, the benefits of waking up in this auspicious muhurta are:

  • Helps in preventing Diabetes Mellitus
  • Prevents metabolic disorders
  • Boosts immunity
  • Boosts mood
  • Enhances normal functioning of blood supply
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates each and every cell of the body

Studies On Brahma Muhurta And Its Effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Everyone Wake up In Brahma Muhurta?

No, Ashtanga Hridaya advises that pregnant women, young children, the elderly who haven’t been waking up in this period from the start, and people with any kind of physical or mental illness, should not wake up during the Brahma Muhurta.

How Beneficial Is the Brahma Muhurta for Studying?

During Brahma Muhurta, you are most receptive to gaining insight and power. This means that Brahma Muhurta is the best time for studying as you will remember each and everything that you have studied because of the focus that the brain is in during this time period.

Can We Take a Shower Before Brahma Muhurta?

A refreshing shower before Brahma Muhurta can help you wake up feeling revitalized after a restful night.

How to Pray During Brahma Muhurta?

You can pray in any way you want to. Just remember to chant some shlokas and read Gita during this time. Also, don’t forget your meditation.

Can We Sleep After Brahma Muhurta Meditation?

By scheduling our meditations for Brahma Muhurta, we can tap into a greater supply of cosmic energy and increase our output. Hence, it is better not to sleep after the Brahma Muhurta and do something productive like reading a book or doing what you love.

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