3 Lessons From Nature That You Can Learn Today

Something is exciting in nature; if you observe it clearly, you will find amazing patterns from it and will be able to learn so many lessons.I recently watched some of Devdutt Pattanaik’s videos and read some of his books. I was amazed by how he connected to nature with the lessons it teaches. That’s when I planned that I will share those lessons with you but in my style.

I believe in observing. You can also call it darshan in Hindi. I have practised darshan and tried to observe what nature can teach humanity.

Remember, the lessons you are about to learn can be really harsh but true, so just read this article with the mind of a wise.

In this article, you will learn the 3 life lessons which we all can learn from nature.

1. There is No Such Thing as SUCCESS in Nature

A tiger eats a deer, a deer eats plants; in nature, we call it a food chain. If you observe the food chain, you will understand neither anyone succeeds nor they fail.

The law of the jungle gives a lesson a harsh lesson to all of us. A tiger eating a deer doesn’t mean all deers are dead. It also doesn’t mean that all tigers succeeded.

But what lesson does this teach?

It teaches that in nature, no one is special. Humans want to feel special; they want to feel loved, appreciated than the other. But nature is just the opposite, and this same thing is faced by humans too.

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The only distinction is, we understand it later in life.

We seek validations; there is a point when we get all that we want. The appreciation, love, fame, success, but a point comes when we lose it all at once. There are many reasons behind it, like someone else more worthy is now being appreciated and loved, or you lost something because you took it for granted, etc.

But in the end, you never succeed. So what is nature trying to tell us?

As the trees accept the changes of seasons, they don’t resist losing their leaves when winter arrives; the same way we should accept change.

Whether you “succeed” or fail in life, there will always be a good day. Remember, we are not special; we are just one small part of a greater whole. It is a really depressing thought, but it is what it is.

2. The Need for Exchange

There is a famous line that goes like, “To gain something in life, you have to lose something,” but this is not true.

Nature does not value this line. In nature, one must give something to gain something, and that’s what exchange is.

Without exchange, there is no justice, there is no market(bazaar), there will be just one thing, and that is starvation. 

Everybody fears dying and that’s why plants bear fruits and flower, it always seeks sunlight and water to sustain themselves. The jungle works in the same way too, the tiger fears death, so it chases its prey, the deer fears death, so it runs as fast as it can.

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Nature tells us to give something to be alive and fearless. That’s why we humans produce goods and render services so that we live a luxurious life. Always remember if you can understand others’ hunger, you’ll be able to earn money.

Offer your fruits (goods or services), and you’ll succeed in understanding an amazing lesson from nature.

3. Nature Rewards The Patient One

Nothing can make you admire patience like nature. Everything in nature remains patient except humans. We want everything now, we want to succeed now, we want to be rich now, and that’s why we seek, get rich quick schemes.
nature lessons

Nature does not respect things that lack patience. You must have learned about a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, the blooming of a flower, or the bearing of fruit in your biology classes.
Nature lessons about patience from butterfly birth process

Just think about those lessons; they wanted you to discover from them. It was not how a butterfly is born, but to make you understand that to become a beautiful butterfly, you need patience.

To become a ripped juicy fruit, you need patience. Just have patience, and you’ll be as elegant as a butterfly and will certainly become a great man/woman.

Winding Up

The three lessons you can learn from nature are accepting change rather than seeking success blindly, giving more than you get, and having patience. If you have these three, you’ll be unmatchable in life.

Awareness and observation can get you to see things you never saw; just observe nature and you’ll learn much more than you can learn in any self-help book.

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Thanks for reading. Do share this article with your friends and feel free to ask questions in the comment section.


What inspires you the most in nature?

Nature inspires me. When I look out the window, I’m just stunned by the size of all that surrounds me. Everything so majestic and beautiful. Nature inspires me to be patient, to give what you take and to live in harmony with each other.

What values can we learn from nature?

To never hurry in life, to be free, to live in harmony with one another and to have a purpose in life are some values which we can learn from nature.

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