Lessons From The Life Of Lord Sri Rama That Changed My Life

lord rama life lessons

Known as the Mariyada Puroshottam, the ideal man personified, Shri Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is revered by Hindus. I always wondered how someone could be so calm and optimistic when their life is hitting them with challenges one by one.

My interest in the Ramayana has persisted throughout the years because of the profound lessons about life that are embedded in each and every one of the epic’s many characters and stories. The life of Lord Rama has a profound impact on my perspective towards life.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my devotion to the Hindu deities Rama and Hanuman; with that in mind, I’d want to share with you some of the most profound lessons I’ve ever learned from Rama’s life and how they may have a profound impact on your own.

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Following are the life-changing lessons that I learnt from the life of lord Shri Ram

1. He has been involved in great battles, fought mythical monsters, and had traumatic experiences, but he never lost his cool or got even the slightest bit bored. Feelings of Rama’s signature trait and his impeccable sense of control have been around since the beginning of mythology. This attribute of his teach us to remain calm in any situation. Panic won’t help you resolve the crisis.

2. The Lord Sri Rama was an expert archer. Well-versed in all of the most potent astrological and shamanic texts. In spite of his immense intelligence and insight, nothing could cloud his unmatched humility and clarity of vision. This quality of his taught me that I may be best at what I do but it is more important to avoid the clouds of arrogance wander above my head.

3. If you set your mind to anything, no matter how long it takes, be unwavering in your commitment to it. Rama spent an inordinate length of time searching for Sita after learning that she was held captive by Ravan, king of Lanka, yet he never gave up or ever considered giving in.

That’s the kind of results you get when you put all your passion and effort into something. There is a old Indian proverb that goes “Jaha Chah Hai Vaha Hi Raha Hai.” It translates to where there is will there is a way. This lesson from lord Shri Rama taught me that the person who never gives up always finds a way to reach his/her goal.

4. Lord Rama instilled in me a priority for love and family over material possessions and political influence. Family and relationships was important to Lord Rama.

From safeguarding his father’s reputation and going for a 14 year exile to helping Sugriva to get his kingdom back, he always valued relations with everyone. This lesson from the life of Shri Rama teach us that a person can survive any storm if his family is by his side.

5. No one has a perfect life, not even the Gods. This is the most crucial lesson to learn from lord Rama. Ramayana and other epics like Mahabharata taught us that no matter how wealthy, mighty or powerful you are, you will face challenges and you will have to fight the battels in life. From finding a job to setteling disputes, every human being has some or the battles that he has to win.

6. Be so skilled that no one can beat you at your own game. Lord Rama was skilled enough to kill anyone or to save anyone from any situation. Just like lord Rama, be skilled you’ll be valued. You’ll be given everything you want in life.

Winding Up

Shri Rama has a thousand virtues that can teach you a thousand lessons, but the most fundamental and crucial one, in my opinion, is that God always supports those who remain resolute and loyal to their purpose and their goals, no matter how hard the hurdle or how bad the situation. The most important lesson to be learned from Shri Ram’s life is the value of being committed to your goals.

I really want you to get something out of this article, whether it’s a new outlook on life or just the motivation to go for your goals. And I hope this article really helps you.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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