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6 Astonishing Reasons To Look Within Yourself And Transform Your Life

We often fail to find who we truly are and what we truly want from our lives, and that’s where the need of looking within ourselves comes into play.

Look Within Yourself

It is a well-known fact that we are our own worst critics. We are so hard on ourselves that it becomes difficult to find any good in us. But, we all know that there is a lot of potential in every human being and it is just waiting to be tapped.

A lot of people don’t believe in themselves, and they lack the courage to explore their own potential. Some people don’t even believe in the power of introspection and self-reflection, which is a significant part of looking within yourself and discovering who you really are.

In this article, we will find out what it truly means to look within yourself and the amazing reason why we should.

What It Truly Means To Look Within Yourself

To look within yourself is to discover solutions to our problems finding what causes us pain in order to find peace and happiness within. Because the more we look outside for validations the more we find ourselves getting trapped into suffering. There are many ways by which a person can practice it which includes self-reflection, introspection, self-questioning and meditation.

People often look for validations and solutions in the external world without taking time to reflect. From avoiding our inner demons by finding external escapes to hoping for something fugacious to bring fulfilment to one’s heart we all fail at the end of the day.

I often find people chasing happiness in the worst way possible.

For instance, we imagine that the issues in our lives are just because we don’t have that goal achieved that we planned for so long. “I am unhappy with my college degree, maybe I should drop out and start something new,” “Why am I not happy, I think I should get a new outfit,” “My marriage life is so exhausting, may be I should divorce my partner.”

But do you know what happens even after fulfilling your terrible thoughts, you regret and still remain unfulfilled. This is the reason why wise saints and gurus always claimed that the universe resides inside yourself, for your whole life you look at the wrong places.

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.


Our generation of sapiens needs to look deep within themselves to understand and discover the reason behind the pain, resistance, suffering and all sorts of hurtful feelings we face. Here’s another quote that defines aptly the true meaning of looking within ourselves:

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Lao Tzu

Do not allow the rat racing world to make you convinced about finding happiness in fame, money and power. Because all you need is silence and a minute of introspection to know your worth, to find what’s wrong within and then to work upon yourself, and this will be your greatest accomplishment.

Difference Between Looking Within Yourself and Looking Outside Yourself

Looking WithinLooking Outside
Discovering Solutions to our problems.Avoiding our problems and finding escape in the external world.
Changing your own self and trying to become a better version of yourself.Trying to change others in a way that is acceptable to you to make yourself feel better.
Never even trying to look for validations.Always in search of validations from people.
Reflecting on: “What would make me at peace and in this situation at this very moment?”Reflecting on: “What others will think of me in this situation?”
Accepting the broken self and trying to heal through introspection.Always crying and complaining about life and people.
People who look within vs People who look outside

How can you look within yourself

Practising self-discover is really simple, all you need is to do these 3 things by which you can put this act into practice and you’re all set to look within and find your true potential.

  1. Spending Time Alone: Get away from all your distractions and spend at least 5-10 minutes alone. No music, No TV, No Netflix, just you and your running thoughts.
  2. Ask: As you sit alone in a room with all distractions aside, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: “What is that one thing I am doing absolutely wrong?” “Am I true to myself?” “Am I thinking negative thoughts before I fall asleep?” You’ll not get the answer instantly, but eventually.
  3. Write Your Heart Out: Start writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper. Write everything you’re thinking and read it aloud. You’ll notice that all those problems and sufferings you’ve just wrote are even not manageable by you or by anyone else. You’ll understand that the best thing you can really do is to trust your journey. However, if there is anything that is under your control, then do take the step to confront it.

According to research by Psychology Today, “If you find your thoughts racing and emotions blaring out of control, instead of trying to talk yourself out of the situation or turning to a glass of wine, have a seat, take some deep breaths and tune into your body, or go to gentle and awareness-based yoga or meditation class. Farb’s research suggests that we have an inbuilt ability to calm ourselves down. We just need to take a deep breath.”

12 Reasons To Look Within Yourself

1. You will experience more peace

When you stop judging yourself, you become more peaceful within yourself. You won’t have any negative thoughts running through your head anymore and this will make you feel really good.

2. will help you to be more self-aware and confident

One of the most significant things that is stopping you from knowing your true self, is a lack of self-awareness. If you are not aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, and how you need to grow and make progress in life. This is why looking within yourself is the best way to build up your confidence which will eventually be beneficial for your life.

3. confronting anxieties

We often run away from our anxieties and never try to face them. This often increases our chances to fail in life and to fail in knowing our true potential. Anxieties and insecurities might come in the way of your mental health which will eventually make you more sad and frustrated.

4. understand what you want out of life

Looking deep within makes your mind clear which helps you get the clarity of your wants and desires in life. Often we are so confused between what we really are in life and what we think we need in life to make ourselves fulfilled. This clarity often originates through introspection practices.

5. Improves Your mental peace

When you know your in and outs, the external world doesn’t bother you and that’s why looking within ourselves is the best gift we can give to our minds. Peace is all we want at the end of the day, and it is close to impossible if your mind is running 24/7 like a mad horse who knows nothing that’s happening. ‘

It is better to find your true self in this chaotic world and that’s possible, all you have to do is not get dependent upon external sources that seem to be an escape but never really satisfies.

6. feeling happeir than ever

We chase money, fame and power because they lure us happiness and lifelong freedom, but when we do get it, reality kicks in. We find that even they do not make us complete. For instance, you get your first paycheck, you run to an iPhone store buy yourself an amazing iPhone 20 or something. For a few days, you go back into becoming a child who got a new toy to play but after a few weeks, it’s just a normal phone.

This is the reason why looking within yourself opens doors of internal and unending happiness.

Final Words

This world will always try to put you down, test your abilities and even question your potential. But at the end of the day, a person who knows him/herself well hops off from all the hurdles and proves the world wrong.

So look within and find what you lack and work upon it. Also be grateful for everything you have which the world thinks is not enough, because there is a hell of a lot of people who even struggle to get what you already possess.

I hope this article helped in shedding light on everything you were searching about looking within yourself and I wish you reach your goals effortlessly.

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Why is discovering yourself important?

Discovering ourselves is the most crucial thing in life if we want to outperform everyone and excel in our day to day activities. Knowing ourselves gives us the needed skillset and knowledge of the things we are good at. This enables us to make sound decisions and to be better versions of ourselves.

What are your new discoveries in yourself?

I’ve recently discovered that I am pretty good at the art of selling and persuading which really helps me in cracking interviews, deals with prospects and many more things.

What does finding yourself mean?

The term finding yourself means to know what you really want and what makes you unhappy in life in order to correct your mistakes and work upon them.

What do you think?

Written by Mukund Kapoor

I'm Mukund Kapoor, a reader, thinker, and self-taught writer. Welcome to Mukund Kapoor's blog. I love to write about Spirituality, Success and Self-improvement. I sincerely hope my articles help you find the answers you're looking for, and I wish you a pleasant voyage over the vast expanse of existence. Wishing you all the best.

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