59 Money Heist Quotes That Are More Than Awesome

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

Money Heist Quotes From Professor, Tokyo, Berlin And More

Money Heist, a series whose characters not only robbed banks but also our hearts. There are many lines from every character that have taught us something important about life.

From Professors planning to Tokyo’s extraordinary real perception of life. From Berlin’s ethics to Nairobi’s boldness, many quotes have marked their place in our minds.

Money Heist’s extraordinary story has kept us on the edge of our screens with its unique and more than realistic storyline. In the same way, these quotes are going to make another little corner in your hearts because they are awesome and powerful.

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With that said, I have compiled some powerful Money Heist quotes from season 1 to season 5 that will blow your mind.

Professor Quotes From Money Heist

professor money heist quotes

1.  “Sometimes, a truce is the most important part of a war.” – Professor

2.  “When someone is in love, they looks through rose-tinted glasses. Everything’s wonderful. They transform into a soft teddy bear that’s smiling all the time.” – Professor

3. “In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. And in this moment, they think they have nothing to lose. And when you believe you’ve got nothing to lose, you’re overconfident. We will be the ones that are going to show them just how much they have to lose.” – Professor

4. “Time is greater than money.” – Professor

5. “Weakness is not in us, it is in what we have outside.” – Professor

6.  “When someone is in love, they look through rose-tinted glasses. Everything’s wonderful. They transform into a soft teddy bear that’s smiling all the time.” – Professor

7. “The second any blood is shed, if there’s a single victim we’ll stop being Robin Hoods, and were simple gonna become some sons of b*tches.” – Professor

8. “May be we’re all immature to some extent.” – Professor

9. “In the end, one cares about so many things. And we should not give so much important to things.” – Professor

10. “You get shot when you don’t think.” – Professor

11. “You’re the sexiest woman in the world, but I love you for your mind.” – Professor

Money Heist Quotes By Berlin

berlin money heist quotes

12. “Believe me, I got divorced five times. Do you know what that means? Five times I believed in love.” – Berlin

13. “Believe me, I got divorced five times. Do you know what that means? Five times I believed in love.”

14. “Betrayal doesn’t depend on how deep or how much you love someone. It depends on how difficult your dilemma is. Would you betray your beloved one? In theory, no. But what if you were told that if you did, you’d be given a drug to save your beloved brother? That is a real dilemma.” – Berlin

15. “You can’t time love! You have to live in.” – Berlin

16. “Death can be the greatest opportunity in life” – Berlin

17. “Sometimes distance is the only way to find peace.” – Berlin

18. “What weighs more, love or death? Life weighs more, little brother. Life. Then there’s me. Even though I’m dying, I’m getting married. Isn’t it a beautiful contradiction?” – Berlin

19. “The things that are really important in life have a high price. Rebellion. Liberty. Ideals.” – Berlin

20. “Look at you, only a true thief feels like he owns someone else’s property.” – Berlin

21. “My love, the things that actually matter in life, always come unexpectedly.” – Berlin

22. “if you really want something in life, you have to steal it from someone else. That’s the story of the world, my son.” – Berlin

23. “Death is more universal than life, everyone dies but not everyone lives.”  – Berlin

Tokyo Money Heist Quotes

tokyo money heist quotes

24. “In the end, love is a good reason for everything to fall apart.” – Tokyo

25. “Even if you spend a lot of time planning everything, things aren’t always turn out how you expect them to.” – Tokyo

26. “It was obvious that the crew needed more women. Women can waste two days choosing shoes for a wedding, but she’d never spend a minute choosing masks for a heist.” – Tokyo

27. “Every moment could be your last one. And all that adrenaline makes you really feel alive. You don’t wanna leave anything for later.” – Tokyo

28. “The most important moments are the ones that make you realize there’s no turning back. You’ve crossed a line, and you’re stuck on the other side now.” – Tokyo

29. “Things we can’t see affect our lives much more than we think.” – Tokyo

30. “There’s always happier days to remember. And the more fucked up things are, the happier those days seem to be.” – Tokyo

31. “Everything can go to hell in less than a second. In moments like this, you feel death creeping in, and you know nothing will ever be the same. But you need to do whatever it takes to survive.” – Tokyo

32. “Happiness is like lightning, blink and you miss it.” – Tokyo

33. “Paradise is wonderful when your life is dull and full of traffic. As an escape every now and then.” – Tokyo

34. “There are moments in life we should just be able to have a damn remote control, so you could pause it. Even if just for five minutes. But sometimes things happen with irreverent obscenity and there’s nothing you can do to to help it.” – Tokyo

35. “Hope is kind of like dominos. Once one falls – the rest follow.” – Tokyo

36. “Have you ever thought that if you can go back in time, you might still make the same decisions? We all make our own snowballs out of our bad decisions. Balls that become massive, like the Indiana Jones boulder, chasing you down-hill only to crush you in the end.”– Tokyo

37. “The bullet of an M16 shoots out at 2100 miles per hour. Faster than the speed of sound. So if they shot you in the heart, you won’t even hear the bullet that killed you.” – Tokyo

38. “I would get 30 years. And to be honest, growing old in a prison cell is not my thing. I’d rather run, in body and soul and if I can’t take my body with me, at least my soul should run.” – Tokyo

39. “Love is like two people on a seesaw. When one goes up, the other goes down. The balance is always fucked. Thanks to time, monotony or because of people like me, who only know one way to get rid of pain: by giving it back.” – Tokyo

40. “Have you ever thought that if you can go back in time, you might still make the same decisions? We all make our own snowballs out of our bad decisions. Balls that become massive, like the Indiana Jones boulder, chasing you downhill only to crush you in the end.” – Tokyo

41. “A lot of people believe we only find one true love in our lives. But what they don’t realize is that we can have several lives.” – Tokyo

42. “They say love can move worlds but the truth is, hate can be just as strong.” – Tokyo

43. “After all, what’s more human than the fight for survival?” – Tokyo

44. “We all have snipers aiming at our hearts. But the true terror arrives when that bullet doesn’t hit you, but takes out a person you love.” – Tokyo

45. “I believe you keep on living in the final thought you have the moment before you die. So when the chaos happens, I always think about when I was happiest.” – Tokyo

46. “Who cares if the soldiers are aiming at you? With the sun on your face and surrounded by silence.”

– Tokyo

47. “That’s nostalgia – finding out moments from the past, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, were true happiness.” – Tokyo

Nairobi Quotes

nairobi quotes money heist

48. “You don’t love anyone? Of course you don’t, darling. You don’t have the balls for it. To love, you need courage.” – Nairobi

49. “What you have to do is make those suckers see what you are capable of. Show them you are not scared. – Nairobi

50. “What are we? The fucking best.” – Nairobi

51. “Let the matriarchy begin.” – Nairobi

52. “You need them to think you are stronger than what you actually are.” – Nairobi

53. “I think id like people to say that they shared things with me. But, you know, like something that’s real.” – Nairobi

54. “Just having friends isn’t enough. You gotta really feel them.” – Nairobi

Quote by Moscow

moscow money hiest quote

55. “I was in and out of prison for 12 years. And you know why?Because I am not very smart son and neither are you. But someone else is the brain for this heist, so if were lucky don’t act like dumbass, you’ll leave here set for life.” – Moscow

Quotes From Denver

denver money heist quotes

56. “You’re my family and that’s why I didn’t want you here.” – Denver

57. “Monica, you are like an angel with no wings.” – Denver

58. “When I get up in the morning and I look beside me and see Stockholm, the sun coming through our window…My life is like a fucking commercial.” – Denver

59. “I won’t let my sister die.” – Denver

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