32 Quotes By Sadhguru That Will Motivate You To Succeed

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

motivational sadhguru quotes

Jaggi Vasudev, aka Sadhguru, is an Indian Yogi, author and guru, who has inspired millions of spiritual seekers around the globe.

The reason he is a popular mystic around the world is his ability to make the deeper spiritual knowledge of ancient history easy for contemporary minds. His transformational programmes are popularly known as ‘Inner

Engineering’ which introduces people to simple and proven yogic practices.

From students to corporate leaders, Sadhguru is well-known to all because of his wisdom. So, in this article, I am going to share with you Sadhguru quotes that are wise, powerful and motivational. These Sadhguru quotes will not only motivate you to succeed but will also help you in being a better person both mentally and physically.

With his piercing logic, he has broadened the minds and lives of many scholars and leaders around the globe. I hope these Sadhguru quotes broaden your minds in order to accomplish heights.

Motivational Sadhguru Quotes

If all of us did what truly matters to us, this would be a fantastic world. – Sadhguru

Do not wait for problems to overwhelm you. Take action before problems come. Preemption is the Path to Safety and Success. – Sadhguru

Incredible things can be done, not because we know how to do it. Incredible things can be done simply because we are committed that we want it to happen. – Sadhguru

Anyone who has built anything successful knows there is no perfect way – it is a constant juggle. – Sadhguru

If your idea of success is just about being ahead of others, you will definitely not explore the full potential of who you are. – Sadhguru

If you want success, the foremost thing is to ensure that you are not the obstacle to it. – Sadhguru

What is generally considered as failure deepens your experience of life far more than what you consider as success. – Sadhguru

The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life. – Sadhguru

 Money is definitely needed, but how much money do we really need? If we would change our idea of a successful life to a joyful life, we would find our need for money would dramatically decrease. – Sadhguru

 A human is not a being; he is a becoming. He is an ongoing process – a possibility. For this possibility to be made use of there is a whole system of understanding the mechanics of how this life functions and what we can do with it, which we refer to as yoga. – Sadhguru

 You’re successful when you have certain clarity about what needs to happen. It does not come from reading books. You must be able to look at situations and see where the situation would evolve within the next moment or the next day or the next year or the next decade. – Sadhguru

As long as you’re continuously aware that by doing whatever you are doing, you are making a huge contribution to people’s lives, then every activity that you do is successful. It doesn’t matter what you do. – Sadhguru

So right through the whole process of being together, working together. If you involve everybody, they need not know that they are making the decision but if you make all of them responsible for the decision, you must share the success with them. Then when something goes wrong, naturally they share that with you too. And they know a bad decision has been made, we have to correct it, and that’s all there is. – Sadhguru

Success must also be looked at in terms of finding full expression of who you are, your capabilities and your competence. – Sadhguru

For wealth to translate into wellbeing, you need a spiritual element within you. Without that, your success will work against you. – Sadhguru

If the opportunity presents itself, are you ready for it? That is the difference between success and failure. – Sadhguru

Success does not come to you because you want it. It comes to you because you do the right thing. – Sadhguru

There are no problems, only situations. It is all in how you approach them. – Sadhguru

Giving up is not an option because it is a brief life. – Sadhguru

If you ask a tree how he feels to know that he’s spreading his fragrance and making people happy, I don’t think a tree looks at it that way. I am just like that, and it is just my nature to be like this. – Sadhguru

The fear is simply because you are not living with life, You are living in your mind. – Sadhguru

Every moment there are a million miracles happening around you: a flower blossoming, a bird tweeting, a bee humming, a raindrop falling, a snowflake wafting along the clear evening air. There is magic everywhere. If you learn how to live it, life is nothing short of a daily miracle. – Sadhguru

Krishna says in the Gita, “The worst crime in the world is indecision.” – Sadhguru

Sex in the body is fine. Money in the wallet is fine. It is only a problem when they enter your mind. – Sadhguru

You have too much social influence upon you. You are not going by your own nature. People do so many nonsensical life-negative things because they don’t want to be left out of the scene around them. – Sadhguru

You can be deeply involved with everything, but still not be identified with it anymore. – Sadhguru

Everybody is making choices; even their compulsions are their choices. Choices made in unawareness are compulsions . . . say you get angry right now. It is your choice to be angry . . . you believe that’s the way to handle the situation, but the choice is made in such unawareness that it is a compulsion. – Sadhguru

As in Photography, so in Life – it’s your Lens that determines what you perceive. – Sadhguru

Fear means to suffer what may or may not happen in the future. It is a consequence of mixing up your memory, your present experience, and your imagination. – Sadhguru

You cannot do anything more than who you are. Without enhancing who you are, what you do shall not be enhanced.  – Sadhguru

Karma means you are the maker of your life. – Sadhguru

Nothing is accidental here. The whole physical existence is happening between cause and consequence. – Sadhguru

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Did You Like These Motivational Quotes By Sadhguru?

The motivational quotes by Sadhguru which I have compiled above are all you need to get fueled up for your future. Just work hard and open every possibility which lies ahead of you.

I hope this article helps you and motivates you to succeed in life. Thanks for reading.

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