Two Motivational Short Stories About Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the first step towards success in anything you do. It is that constant voice inside your head that guides you and motivates you to keep going when things get tough. A positive, optimistic attitude not only makes life more pleasant but also helps you achieve success.

Now, some of us are blessed with an optimistic outlook toward life from the word go and some of us tend to be pessimistic about things most of the time. But no matter where you stand on this spectrum, it’s something that can be developed over time with conscious effort and practice.

If you find yourself struggling with pessimism and negative thinking on a regular basis, then it’s time you work on boosting your self-confidence and embracing a more optimistic attitude towards life.

Here are some motivational stories about positive thinking even in the most challenging of circumstances.

A Glimmer of Hope in The Dark

There was once a village where both young and old were expected to contribute to the household income by working as laborers. The practice of employing children in hazardous labor continued for many years.

One among them was a young boy who had been neglected and was forced to work like the other kids for many years. He eventually considered quitting his job and starting a new life and one day while he was strolling through the village a young well-dressed police officer caught his eye.

At the sight of him, the idea of becoming like him crossed his mind. As word spread through the village, villagers began mocking the boy’s dream. They explained to him that there was no way to accomplish that.

The kid, however, was not backing down. He set out on his own from the settlement, bound for an unknown destination. Ten years later, he returned to the town. He was decked out in the official garb of the law enforcement officer. The villagers were all taken aback when they finally laid eyes on him.

The moral of the story is that maintaining a positive attitude like that boy can turn everything that people believe to be impossible into reality. All you need is to believe in yourself and think positively. You can get whatever you imagine and work hard towards in life. Just be positive!

A Lesson I Learned From The Philosophy Class

There was once a philosophy professor who stood in front of his class while holding an empty glass jar.

While his students watched, he placed rocks inside of the jar. Finally, he polled his class on whether or not they thought the jar was full.

All the answers were the same: “Yes!”

When he heard this, the professor corrected them. He demonstrated this by including some small pebbles in the contents of the jar. Next, he asked the same thing he had asked before.

“Is the jar full?”

The majority of his class responded affirmatively once more.

After hearing this, the professor responded much as he had before. And he threw sand into the jar to show his students they were wrong. With the jar full of sand, he posed the same question to his class:

“Is the jar full?”

It was full, they said, again.

But the teacher corrected them yet again.

This time he didn’t remove anything from the space. He instead explained his point to them. He used the jar as a symbol for life. In addition, the rocks, pebbles, and sand represented the various elements that make up a person’s existence.

The rocks stand for the things that are most meaningful to a person. All of the people and things that are important to you could be represented by the rocks. He went on to say that people should make these things a top priority. The rocks also represent health, your partner, and the things you love the most.

Meanwhile, he explained, the pebbles and sand are just small things that you can live without. And even though they mean a lot to you, they don’t really amount to much. They’re easily replaceable, unlike the rocks you have.

The professor then went on his way, leaving behind these words of wisdom: “If you fill the jar with sand first, there won’t be any room for rocks or pebbles. The same is true for the people and experiences you welcome into your life. Spending too much energy on trivial matters leaves little mental bandwidth for what really matters.”

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Written by Mukund Kapoor

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