13 Motivational Neeraj Chopra Quotes Which Shows His Dedication

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

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Neeraj Chopra Javelin Gold Medalist Quotes

A 23-year-old athlete Neeraj Chopra created history by becoming the first-ever Indian Javelin thrower to win an Olympic Gold medal.

Neeraj’s win has inspired the nation and made its citizens proud. From being an overweight kid to becoming a role model of Indian athletes, Neeraj has shown the world that anyone can accomplish his dreams.

What Neeraj has achieved today will always be remembered. His victory will inspire the next generation of kids to make their nation proud by becoming the best.

The thirteen Neeraj Chopra inspirational quotes which I have shared in this article will motivate you to make your dreams come true.

He is a genuine star. So, with no further ado, let’s get started.

Neeraj Chopra Motivational Quote

Quotes By Neeraj Chopra

1. “When the desire for success does not let you sleep when there is nothing better than hard work when you do not get tired after working continuously, understand that you are going to create a new history of success.” – Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj shared this on his Twitter account after winning the Gold medal in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

2. “I see so much potential for Indians with the javelin. More and more, they’ll see what we’re achieving and be inspired to pick up a javelin themselves.” – Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj has inspired many kids all over India to get into sports and give their best to make their nation proud. He has genuinely become a role model for every aspiring athlete.

Motivational Neeraj Chopra Quotes

3. “No matter what happens in Tokyo, Indian throwing has come a long way. I think more and more, kids will see what we’re achieving and be inspired to pick up a javelin in themselves.” – Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra has inspired the next generation of athletes with his win. The kids of Khandra Village Neeraj’s hometown, kids have decided to become as successful as Neeraj and many of them now have a dream to become a Javelin Thrower.

4. “In the village where I grew up, no one did athletics. For a lot of my life, I didn’t even know what a javelin was.” – Neeraj Chopra

Inspiring Neeraj Chopra Quotes

Neeraj Chopra motivates us and gives us hope that no matter if anyone supports you or not if you believe in something, you will definitely achieve it.

5. “Javelin is my identity and I am incomplete without it, but I know I have to be patient.” – Neeraj Chopra

Patience is the key. Neeraj has suffered from an elbow injury, and for four months he was on rest. When he was asked about his recovery he said, “It was difficult staying patient but I have learnt to do that now. Keep patience and stay positive and that’s what I tried and kept myself busy.”

6. “Training makes me happy.” – Neeraj Chopra

The success mantra of Neeraj is simple, love what you do and you’ll give it your best. For him, training gives him happiness and that’s the reason behind his unforgettable victory.

7. “It feels unbelievable, this is our first Olympic medal for a very long time, and in athletics, it is the first time we have gold, so it’s a proud moment for me and my country.” – Neeraj Chopra

It was not only a proud moment for Neeraj but also for the entire nation when he made history by winning the first gold medal in Javelin for India in the Olympics.

Powerful Neeraj Chopra Quotes

8. “People keep telling me that the person who wins an Olympic medal will probably become the God of the athletics.” – Neeraj Chopra

There will be many people around you who will motivate you to be the best. Those are the kind of people you should stay with.

9. “Can’t become better than my father, but surely can get inspired by him.” – Neeraj Chopra

A person should never lose his humbleness and generosity, no matter how much success he achieves. This is the most beautiful quote from Neeraj Chopra which stays with me. He has achieved so much still the respect and humbleness he possesses in himself is commendable.

10. “I just want to say, no matter who the opposition is, give your best. That is all you need to do and this is what this gold medal stands for. Never fear the opposition.” – Neeraj Chopra

According to Neeraj Chopra, anyone can achieve greatness if he believes in him/herself and gives his 100%.

Gold medalist neeraj chopra quotes

11.“My village still does not have a playground. Whenever I stay there, I need to practice on a road.” – Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj has struggled to achieve the history which he has made. Only a few people know how much effort, the dedication it takes to achieve heights in life.
This quote by Neeraj inspires us to give our best no matter if we have proper facilities or not.

12. “The competition was very tough at the Olympics. After qualification, I realized this is the best opportunity of my life and I’ll not lose it.”- Neeraj Chopra

Opportunity is everywhere. One must grab it and give it his best shot.

13. “I don’t get nervous due to high expectations, I made a comeback with a good throw after a long injury and my training is also going fine. So, let’s see how I perform in the upcoming tournaments. I am not nervous, I am totally motivated.” -Neeraj Chopra

Do not aim at the results. Aim at giving your best shot every time. This quote by Neeraj is an eye-opener for every achievement.

Did You Like These Neeraj Chopra’s Quotes?

Neeraj Chopra’s words which I have shared with you in this article are an outstanding example of dedication, hard work and perseverance in life. These important qualities help a person to achieve greater heights in life.

I hope these quotes by Neeraj Chopra will help you make history and to succeed in life.

Thanks for reading. 

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