3 Solid Proofs Which Confirm Mahabharata Happened

The Mahabharata is an epic poem written by Vyasa in Sanskrit. It tells the story of the Kauravas (the sons of Dhritarashtra) and Pandavas (the sons and grandsons of Pandu). The war between these two families lasted for 12 years and ended when Yudhishthira won the game of dice. This led to the establishment of the rule of dharma.

mahabharata actually occurred

The accuracy of the Mahabharata story has long been questioned. Is this true?’ has been a popular query among those who’ve heard this narrative. However, if we do further digging, we’ll find enough proof to back up Mahabharata’s occurrence. So here are 3 solid proofs that prove that Mahabharata actually happened.

1. Excavation Findings Near Hastinapur And Dwarka

In 1950 and 1952, prominent archaeologist B.B.Lal excavated the site of Hastinapura near Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, based on archaeological inspections.

Several everyday items, including cooking pots, terracotta toys, glass bungles, iron nails, and copper utensils, were discovered during his investigation. Additionally, the Bidur tilas, Draupadi’s kitchen and the commoner’s mud dwelling were uncovered.

Excavated relics suggest that agricultural labor was vital to the daily lives of those who lived during that time period. The excavations led to the discovery of Hastinapura and a correlation with the Mahabharata text. This proves that Mahabrata actually occurred.

(Read full archaeological finding)

2. Decoding The Language

Mahabharat is referred to as an “itihas” in the epic, which translates as “thus occurred”. There are two terminologies that  “Puraan” and “Itihas”, which were used by the ancient people to label occurrences that were either “old” or “recent,” respectively.

If the writer had intended to create a poem or a story, he would have called it a “mahakavya” or a “Katha,” respectively.

Apart from this, these words from the Mahabharata’s Mausala Parva 7 verse 40 describe Dvaraka’s downfall into the sea. “After everyone had left, the ocean swamped Dvaraka, which was still teeming with wealth of every kind.”

3. The Presence Of All The Places That Are Mentioned In The Mahabharata

The cities, events, kingdoms, and more that are mentioned in the Mahabharata can be found in the actual world.  Places like Dwaraka, Kurukshetra, and Hastinapura all exist in the real world. People who believe that the Mahabharata, like all other epics, is just a made-up story are given a substantial rebuttal by this evidence.

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My Thoughts On The Topic (Do I Believe That Mahabharata Actually Happened?)

The short answer is, yes, I do believe the Mahabharata actually existence. Why? Is it because of the proofs in the excavation? Or is it because a guru has said that it occurred? No, that’s not the reason. My reason is a more logical one.

I think no one can actully write a fiction so true in nature, that people for almost thousands of years believed in it. People beleieve in them, they interpret their own meanings from this epic scripture because of the authenticity, the originality and the way it resonates with our own life.

There are a lot of proofs that claims mahabharata actually occured but still if they were not, there is no chance you can beleieve something for so long. You are free to disagree here, and I would love it if you would, because this will allow you to research in dig deeper than me or any other ‘Expert of the topic.’

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