Quotes by Gulzar Sahab On Life That Will Melt Your Heart

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

When an artist succeeds in making you feel and fall in love with everything in the world, he or she has done his or her job. And Sampooran Singh Kalra, also known as Gulzar Sahab, has never failed at it.

He is the epitome of what it is to be an artist. It is almost impossible to imagine Bollywood without Sampooran Singh Kalra, better known as Gulzar.

He has become one of India’s most well-known and respected writers thanks to the enduring popularity of Gulzar’s quotes, poetry, and Shayaris. Am really not kidding, you’ll be enthralled by his words if you read his enchanting work. So, without further ado, here’s a collection of mesmerizing quotes by Gulzar Sahab on life.

Quotes by Gulzar Sahab On Life

quotes by gulzar on life

1. “Milta to bahut kuchh hai is zindagi me, bas ham ginti usi ki karte hain, jo hasil na ho saka.” – Gulzar Sahab

2. “Koi puchh raha hai mujhse meri zindagi ki kimat, mujhe yaad aa raha hai unki halki si muskurana.” – Gulzar Sahab

3. “Kabhi zindagi ek pal mai guzar jati hain, aur kabhi zindagi ka ek pal nahi guzarta.” – Gulzar Sahab

4. “Socha na tha zindagi aise. Phir se milegi, jeene ke liye. Aankhon ko pyaas lagegi, Apne hi aansu peene ke liye.”

– Gulzar Sahab

5. “Ae Zindagi, gale laga le. Hum ne bhi tere har ik gham ko, Gale se lagaya hai na.” – Gulzar Sahab

6. “Thoda hai thode ki zarurat hai, Zindagi phir bhi yahaan Khoobsurat hai.” – Gulzar Sahab

7. “Aane wala pal jane wala hai. Ho sake toh isme, Zindagi bita do, Pal jo yeh jaane wala hai.” – Gulzar Sahab

8. “Kamaal Hai Bikhare Sab Andar Se Hai Yahan Aur Sanwaar Sab Jism Ko Rahe Hai.” – Gulzar Sahab

9. “Mana ki jindagi mein dikkatein kam nhi par kam se kam jeene ko jindagi hai kya yahi kaafi nahin.” – Gulzar Sahab

gulzar life quotes

10. “Maine apni jindagi ke saare mahenge sabak saste logon se hi seekhein hain.” – Gulzar Sahab

11. “Palat kar jawab dena beshak galat baak hai, lekin sunte raho to log bolne ki hadein bhool jatein hain.” – Gulzar Sahab

12. “Main har raat saaree khvaahishon ko khud se pahale sula deta hoon magar roz subah ye mujhase pahale jaag jaatee hai.”

– Gulzar Sahab

13. “Milata to bahut kuch hai is zindagi mein bas ham ginatee usi ki karate hai jo haasil na ho saka.” – Gulzar Sahab

14. “Aane wala pal jane wala hai. Ho sake toh isme, Zindagi bita do, Pal jo yeh jaane wala hai.” – Gulzar Sahab

gulzar quotes

15. “Jeene ke liye socha hi nahi. Dard sambhalne honge. Muskuraaye toh muskuraane ke Karz utarne honge.” – Gulzar Sahab

16. “Dil hain to phir dard hoga, Dard hai toh dil bhi hoga, Mausam guzarte rehte hain.” – Gulzar Sahab

17. “Kaun kehta hai hum jhooth nahi bolte, Ek baar khairiyat toh pooch ke dekhiye.” – Gulzar Sahab

18. “Dil mein kuch jalta hai, Shayad dhuan dhuan sa lagta hai. Aankh mein kuch Chubhta hai, Shayad sapna koi sulagta hai.” – Gulzar Sahab

19. “Umr kehti hai, ab sanjeeda hua jaaye, dil kehta hai, kucch nadaaniyaan aur sahi.” – Gulzar Sahab

quotes by gulzar

20. “Taqleef khud hi kam ho gayi, Jab apno se umeed kam ho gayi.” – Gulzar Sahab

21. “Manzilein se gumrah kar deta hain kucch log. har kisi se raasta poochna accha nahi hota.” – Gulzar Sahab

22. “Naraaz humse khusiyaan hi hoti hai, gamaon ke itne nakhre nahi hote.”Gulzar Sahab

Gulzar Sahab is India’s most sought-after lyricist and poet because of the beauty of his phrases and the strength of his imagination. Gulzar Saab’s ability to bring people’s feelings and sentiments to life is unparalleled by anybody else. If you enjoyed these Gulzar Sahab quotes on life, share this article with your friends and family and spread the hidden gems of one of the most magnificent poet.

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