Here’s Why You Don’t Find Happiness In Life

Why Don't I Find Happiness in Anything

Happiness, something which we all want desperately in our lives. Some find it but some don’t. Well, if nothing in life makes you happy, then there will be a reason for your unhappiness. 

There can be two reasons, either you don’t know what happiness is or you are looking the wrong way.

In this article, we will discuss all the right ways to find happiness in life. So that you get an idea of what happiness is. 

Happiness is not rocket science, it is simple as it sounds and beautiful if found. Man, for his entire life, looks for happiness in the wrong place and defines it in the wrong way. But if you understand where to look and what it is, then your problem might get solved. So let’s begin.

1. You Are Looking The Wrong Way 

From childhood, we are fed with the wrong data about happiness. Our parents say pass your school and you’ll live a happy life. Pass your college with good grades and you’ll be happy. Get a job and get married. This is what we are taught.

This is not what happiness is. Bliss is not a thing or a destination that one can reach and find bliss. Happiness is the road that leads to your destination. Happiness is what keeps you calm and consistent so that you can fulfil your dreams.

But because you are perceiving it as a thing which you can find in life, you ruined precious moments of life.

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Let’s understand happiness through a story.

Imagine you are travelling to a beautiful hill station in Switzerland in your car. Suddenly the road gets covered by dense fog making your visibility zero. Now there are two ways to tackle it.

1. You curse God for it, stop your car and complain about your decision to drive on a hill station. Cursing yourself about not buying a good car, etc.

2. Or to enjoy the beautiful weather. Driving your car slowly by enjoying every moment and perceiving it as an adventure ride. Smiling and thanking God for the view and give you an amazing life.

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.

Steve Maraboli

Honestly, most of us do the first thing. We complain, call ourselves a failure when problems arise in our lives.

The fog is a problem in life. How you perceive it determines your happiness in life. If you’ll focus on the fog, you’ll remain sad forever. If you’ll notice the beauty of the road, you’ll find paradise every time.

Put your focus on the positives and you’ll notice a phenomenal change in your life. Because happiness is not something that is outside, it is inside. Humans are born with it, but because of our grim outlook towards life, we forgot the truth. The happiness is not on top of the hill, you go through fog gladly to reach it.

2. You Define Happiness In The Wrong Way

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. – Einstein

Search happiness on google and you’ll find many definitions on it. One definition of happiness which I found was: “An experience that makes you happy”

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As simple as it sounds, this definition makes no sense. Saying an experience that makes you happy is happiness is like giving experiences grading or something.

Actually, happiness is a mental state of wellbeing. If you are not happy from within, you cannot find happiness in anything. One must not depend on the experiences, situations, partners or friends in order to find joy.

Honestly, happiness is different for everybody, and that’s totally fine. But the problem arises when we borrow others’ interpretations of happiness and try to fit it into our lives. So the reason you are unhappy is you don’t know yourself.

Self-knowledge dumps all doubt. Know yourself and you’ll know the real meaning of happiness. You will know what blissfulness means to you. Happiness is not in experiences, but in finding your own true reality.

Final Thoughts

One can’t be happy if he is finding happiness like it’s some kind of commodity or without knowing him/herself. Know yourself and enjoy every moment of life with positivity and calmness. Life will become easier for you if you’ll remember this advice.

Ask yourself what makes you happy, and restructure your life so that you can do more of those things.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.

Mukund Kapoor

I'm Mukund Kapoor, a reader, thinker, and self-taught writer. Welcome to Mukund Kapoor's blog. I love to write about Spirituality, Success and Self-improvement. I sincerely hope my articles help you find the answers you're looking for, and I wish you a pleasant voyage over the vast expanse of existence. Wishing you all the best.
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