What Is The Relationship Between Draupadi And Krishna?

The connection between Lord Krishna and Draupadi is magnificent and awe-inspiring, however, confusing for some. In this article, we will understand the exact relationship between Draupadi and Krishna. I have shared some old tales and more perspectives that cover their relationship from all aspects.

Relationship Between Draupadi And Krishna

In some tales, it is said that Draupadi was madly in love with Krishna and she used to send Nitambini, her servant to gather all the news about Krishna and tell her. There’s a famous conversation too, that justifies why Draupadi and Krishna become just friends and call themselves Sakha and Sakhi.

So here’s that conversation where Shri Krishna explains why they can’t have any romantic relationship in this birth.

Once Krishna and Draupadi were introduced to one another, he said:

Your feelings for me are well-known to me. However, I am unable to marry you. There’s a reason you’ve been born. After you were born, a prophesy surfaced predicting that you would be the one to bring the adharmik khastriyas to their knees. You are Shrestha, and you have been sent to this world to create dharma and change the course of history for countless generations. You belong to a part of me.

In response, Draupadi said:

Who is there that could love you more? To me, you are the perfect companion. You’re rejecting it now, though. To whom do you attribute this feeling of being an integral part of yourself?

Sri Krishna Said

With Hari, Brahma, and Indra’s forces, a mighty man is born. Arjuna, the third Pandava, is the son of my paternal aunt’s brother. One year separates us in age. To put it another way, Arjuna has emerged from within me. There is just one soul, and it inhabits many different bodies.

The heroics of Arjuna are not a secret to you. Your father did the yagna so that he could have children like you because Arjuna had held him, hostage, all those years ago. It is now your duty to wed Arjuna and pay off your father’s debt. You, not Arjuna, are the one who will bring Dharma into being by his actions. If you’re not there, Arjuna and the other four men are going to stray from the path of righteousness.

In any case, I want you to know that our connection will last forever. You represent Lakshmi, and you will always be mine. Do what’s best for the world as a whole and marry Arjuna.

Now there’s a different set of beliefs that say Krishna and Draupadi never fell in love but were always friends.

To explain this parallel, there is a tale in Mahabharata.

draupadi cheerharan

When Krishna nicked his finger while wielding the Sudarshan Chakra, his sister Subhadra looked for a piece of cotton to make a bandage. Draupadi, however, ripped off a piece of the pallu of her beautiful brocaded saree and used it to staunch the bleeding. However, later in life, Krishna proved his friendship by saving Draupadi from the Cheerharan.

It is believed that when Duryodhana and Dushasana tried to disrobe Draupadi, the wife of the Pandava princes, Draupadi appealed to her Sakha Krishna who was not present at the time of the incident.

Draupadi was protected from the Kaurava princes’ malicious intentions because Krishna sent an infinite amount of cloth to cover her. Draupadi was spared the disgrace of having her garments peeled off.

Hence it is believed that Draupadi’s act of tying Krishna’s injured finger with a silken pallu is the inspiration for the modern practice of girls tying rakhis to their brothers’ wrists, with the expectation that the brother will protect the sister in the same way that Krishna did for Draupadi.

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