10 Mahabharata Trivia Questions And Answers (2022)

Are you someone who knows everything there is to know about the well-known Hindu epic the Mahabharata? So, how about putting your knowledge of the Mahabharata to the test with a fun quiz?

If you think you know everything there is to know about this magnificent epic, give these 10 trivia questions about the Mahabharata a go. Have a good time, and when you’re done with this quiz, don’t forget to send it to your friends too!

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    Who granted Bhishma the privilege of dying at his own choice?

    • Dronacharya
    • Shantanu
    • Sri Krishna
  • Question of

    In what caste does Karna grow up?

    • Kshatriya
    • Suta
    • Brahmin
  • Question of

    ______Is The Mother Of Shakuntala

    • Satyavati
    • Kunti
    • Menaka
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    During the 13th year of their exile, who is the king that the Pandavas serve?

    • Shantanu
    • King Virata
    • Janamejaya
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    Who Is the father of Lord Sri Krishna?

    • Bhima
    • Shantanu
    • Vasudev
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    Who is the writer of Mahabharat?

    • Vasudev
    • Vedavyasa
    • Tulsidas
  • Question of

    Who implanted the Brahma Astra within Uttara while she was carrying Abhimanyu’s child and causing her to miscarry?

    • Duryodhana
    • Bhisma
    • Aswattama
  • Question of

    What is the name of Pandu’s oldest son?

    • Arjuna
    • Karna
    • Yudhishthira
    • Nakula
  • Question of

    With what weapon does Arjuna kill Jayadratha?

    • Vajra of Indra
    • Beheaded with an arrow
    • Hand-to-hand-combat
  • Question of

    The Kuru dynasty of kings was the capital of which of the following cities?

    • Ayodhya
    • Amaravati
    • Hastinapuram

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