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  1. Hello I’ve been dealing with alot in my life…I’ve changed because I knew the things I was doing wasn’t who I wanted to be in life and I have kids and I want better for them…I’ve behind on my rent and very stressed about it..I’ve been praying God helps me through this….it’s like now that I’ve changed things are going so wrong in my life…But through it all I will never go back to my old ways

    1. I am no saint but here’s what I know: “This too shall pass” No matter how bad places my life took me too, it all ended for good. Zoey, you will find your path, and you will find help from God because no matter what happens, he helps us even though we don’t see it sometimes. If you’re changing for good then just be yourself, things will take time to settle down but once they will, you will be at ease and at peace. God bless!

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