What Is The Spiritual Power Of Number 11?

spiritual meaning of number 11

If you are someone who reads much about spirituality, then you might have wondered about numbers. Well, numbers carry spiritual powers, but number 11 has a very important significance.

But before we jump into what is so special about number 11, let’s first get a brief understanding of number 11.

What is Numerology?

In simple terms, numerology is the study of the meaning and significance of numbers. It is based on the assumption that numbers can be used to analyze events and that certain numerical patterns may indicate future predictions and possibilities.

Numerology is used for many reasons, including spiritual enlightenment and personal growth.

Many numerologists believe that numbers have a lot to say about the person’s life, personality, past, and future. It is an ancient science that is being practised by many cultures around the globe.

The Significance Of Number 11 In Hinduism

Number 11 is the most spiritual number in numerology. This is because number 11 holds a very significant place in spirituality. In Hinduism, it is said that everything which is below 12 belongs to Devi.

Everything which is above 12 belongs to Lord Shiva. Shiva means “that which is not“. This means that everything that is beyond the 12th dimension disappears into non-existence. Devi Sadhana has eleven cycles.

While talking about the power number 11 holds Sadhguru said: “The deepest trench that you find in the oceans of this world is 11 kilometers. Because the design of what happens in the creation is based on certain fundamentals, one thing manifests in one way everything else is related to that.”

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The number eleven is a powerful and special number with ideological meaning for many cultures. It is said to represent vitality, intuition, and education in many cultures. Well, the spiritual powers of number 11 are not established by modern science but truly holds some connection with the divine.

Meaning Of Number 11 In Numerology

According to numerology, the number 11 is a highly spiritual number that brings “Divine” into the world. The spiritual task for number 11 is to tap into this source and share it with others. It contains healing energies that are highly intuitive and charismatic.

Final Words

Number 11 is a powerful number in spirituality. It signifies balance in the world, the balance between our emotions and thoughts, fulfilment in life and vision. I hope you enjoyed reading about the number 11 and its spiritual meaning.

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