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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

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Starhawk is an American activist, author and earth-based spiritualist. She is the founder of Earth Activist Training, where she teaches permaculture grounded in spirituality.

Miriam Simos, popularly known as Starhawk, believes that the Earth is a living entity and that faith-based activism can reconnect oneself to basic human needs.

Starhawk’s theory of spirituality is unique as it talks about spending time with nature.

According to Starhawk, nature-based spirituality “can open up your understanding on deeper and more subtle levels where the natural world will speak to you.”

With that said, let’s begin with 58 Starhawk quotes to get inspired.

Starhawk Quotes On Spirituality

1. “Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation. To do a ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way. The inner willingness is what makes the ritual come alive and have power. If you aren’t willing to be changed by the ritual, don’t do it.” – Starhawk

2. “Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions.” – Starhawk

3. “The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity.” – Starhawk

Starhawk quotes on spirituality

4. “Spirituality leaps where science cannot yet follow, because science must always test and measure, and much of reality and human experience is immeasurable.” – Starhawk

5. “Each being is sacred — meaning that each has an inherent value that cannot be ranked in a hierarchy or compared to the value of another being.” – Starhawk

6. “The Goddess is not separate from the world – She is the world, and all things in it: moon, sun, earth, star, stone, seed, flowing river, wind, wave, leaf and branch, bud and blossom, fang and claw, woman and man.” – Starhawk

7. “Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free.” Starhawk

8. Spirituality promotes passivity when the domain of spirit is defined as outside the world. When this world is the terrain of spirit, we ourselves become actors in the story, and this world becomes the realm in which the sacred must be honoured and freedom created. – Starhawk

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Starhawk Quotes On Nature

9. “We cannot change the world alone. To heal ourselves, to restore the earth to life, to create the situations in which freedom can flourish, we must work together in groups.” – Starhawk

10. “Earth Mother, you who are called by a thousand names. May all remember we are cells in your body and dance together.” – Starhawk

11. “The antidote to climate change is community.” – Starhawk

starhawk quotes on nature

12. “Now, on the longest day, light triumphs, and yet begins the decline into dark. We turn the Wheel for we have planted the seeds of our own changes, and to grow we must accept even the passing of the sun Set Sail See with clear eyes See how we shine!” – Starhawk

13. “ Another world is possible!’ … Another world is also necessary, for this one is unjust, unsustainable, and unsafe. It’s up to us to envision, fight for, and create that world, a world of freedom, real justice, balance, and shared abundance, a world woven in a new design” – Starhawk

14. “On some deep cosmic level, we are all one, and within us we each contain the potential for good and for destruction, for compassion and hate, for generosity and greed” – Starhawk

Starhawk Goddess Quotes

15. “May the wind carry her spirit gently May the Fire release her soul, May the Water cleanse her, may the Earth receive her, May the Goddess take her in her arms and guide her to rebirth.” – Starhawk

16. “In the Craft, we do not believe in the Goddess ~~ we connect with her; through the moon, the stars, the ocean, the earth, through trees, animals, through other human beings, through ourselves. She is here. She is within us all.” – Starhawk

17. “If Goddess religion is not to become mindless idiocy, we must win clear of tendency of magic to become superstition. Magic – and among its branches I include psychology as its purpose to describe and change consciousness – is an art.” – Starhawk

18. “In the Craft the Goddess is not omnipotent. The cosmos is interesting rather than perfect, and everything is not part of some greater plan, nor is all necessarily under control.” – Starhawk

19. “The Goddess falls in love with Herself, drawing forth her own emanation, which takes on a life of its own. Love of self for self is the creative force of the universe. Desire is the primal energy, and that energy is erotic: the attraction of lover to beloved, of planet to star, the lust of electron for proton. Love is the glue that holds the world together.” – Starhawk

20. “The three core principles of Goddess religion are immanence, interconnection, and community.” – Starhawk

witchcraft quotes by starhawk

21. “Finally we learn the Mystery—that unless we find the Goddess within ourselves we will never find Her without. She is both internal and external; as solid as a rock, as changeable as our own internal image of Her.”– Starhawk

22. “The symbolism of the Goddess is not a parallel structure to the symbolism of God the Father. The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity.” – Starhawk

23. “The love of the Goddess is unconditional. She does not ask for sacrifice—whether human or animal—nor does she want us to sacrifice our normal human needs and desires. Witchcraft is a religion of self-celebration, not self-abnegation.” – Starhawk

Starhawk Quotes On Witchcraft

24. “Magic has always been an element of Witchcraft, but in the Craft its techniques were practiced within a context of community and connection.” – Starhawk

25. “Witchcraft is fun. It offers us a chance to play, to act silly, to let the inner child come out. Out of foolishness and play, creativity is born.” – Starhawk

26. “Aspects of Witchcraft rituals may sometimes seem silly to very serious-minded people, who fail to realize that ritual is aimed at Younger Self. The sense of humor, of play, is often the key to opening the deepest states of consciousness. Part of the “price of freedom,” then, is the willingness to play, to let go of our adult dignity, to look foolish, to laugh at nothing. A child makes believe that she is a queen; her chair becomes a throne. A Witch makes believe that her wand has magic power, and it becomes a channel for energy.” – Starhawk

27. “Witchcraft has always been a religion of poetry, not theology. The myths, legends, and teachings are recognized as metaphors for “That-Which-Cannot-Be-Told,” the absolute reality our limited minds can never completely know.” – Starhawk

28. “In Witchcraft, each of us must reveal our own truth.” – Starhawk

29. “In Witchcraft, each of us must reveal our own truth.” – Starhawk

30. “Witchcraft offers the model of a religion of poetry, not theology. It presents metaphors, not doctrines, and leaves open the possibility of reconciliation of science and religion, of many ways of knowing.” – Starhawk

31. “Identifying as a Pagan, feminist, Witch, and anarchist is possibly a way to alarm great segments of the general public, but at least it keeps me from sinking into a boring and respectable middle age.” – Starhawk

32. “I am a witch, by which I mean that I am somebody who believes that the earth is sacred, and that women and women’s bodies are one expression of that sacred being.” – Starhawk

33. “The witches, the wise women, and the healers were also always the counselors. It’s a whole other tradition of knowledge and learning that has been suppressed because it had political implications.” – Starhawk

Starhawk Quotes On Love

34. “Love is not only an energizing force, but an individualizing force. It dissolves separation and yet creates individuality. It is, again, the primal paradox.” – Starhawk

35. “All began in love, all seeks to return in love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.” – Starhawk

36. “Love is the glue that holds the world together.” – Starhawk

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Starhawk Quotes On Faith

37. “Any action, like any act of magic, is in some sense an act of faith … I’ve seen the desert bloom, the flower that emerges from the barest hint of water, and I know the power of life will rise, stubborn and persistent to be renewed. May our actions be the wind that brings the rain.” – Starhawk

38. “Beware of organizations that proclaim their devotion to the light without embracing, bowing to the dark; for when they idealize half the world they must devalue the rest.” – Starhawk

Quotes From The Spiral Dance By Starhawk

39. “An initiation is a symbolic death and rebirth, a rite of passage that transforms each person who experiences it.” – Starhawk

40. “If thoughts and emotions alone could cause things to happen, thousands of my contemporaries would have married the Beatles in 1964.” – Starhawk
41. “There are many methods of trance induction, but all seem to function on one or more of four related principles: relaxation, sensory restriction, rhythm, and boredom.” – Starhawk

quotes by starhawk

42. “And so we learn the Mystery: the feared Shadow, the Guardian of the Threshold, is none other than the God, who is named Guardian of the Gates, in his aspect of Death.” – Starhawk

43. “Unless I have enough personal power to keep commitments in my daily life, I will be unable to wield magical power. To work magic, I need a basic belief in my ability to do things and cause things to happen. That belief is generated and sustained by my daily actions.” – Starhawk

44. “When we cast a circle, we create an energy form, a boundary that limits and contains the movements of subtle forces.” – Starhawk

Famous Starhawk Quotes

45. “Without a vision human beings are nasty creatures.” – Starhawk

46. “My spirituality has always been linked to my feminism. Feminism is about challenging unequal power structures.” – Starhawk

47. “It happens over and over again—a group of people come together, fired up with passion to create change. They begin with huge inspiration and enthusiasm—and a year later, it’s all foundered in the mire of conflict. We could have changed the world ten times over—if we didn’t have to do it together with other people, those irritating, self-righteous, controlling, fluff-brained, clueless idiots who are our friends and allies.” – Starhawk

48. “Any creative work that is truly alive is influenced by a thousand chance factors in its generation.” – Starhawk

49. “For great as the powers of destruction may be, greater still, are the powers of healing.” – Starhawk

50. “Sexuality is a sacrament.” – Starhawk

51. “Only those who must bear the consequences of a decision have the right to make it.” – Starhawk

starhawk quotes on goddess

52. “We are all longing to go home to someplace we have never been – a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time. Community. Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free.” – Starhawk

53. “Where there’s fear, there is power.” – Starhawk

54. “Fear doesn’t go away but you walk toward fear naked and the gate opens.” – Starhawk

55. “What shames us, what we most fear to tell, does not set us apart from others; it binds us together if only we can take the risk to speak it.” – Starhawk

56. “Decide what is sacred to you, and put your best life energies at its service. Make that the focus of your studies, your work, the test for your pleasures and your relationships. Don’t ever let fear or craving for security turn you aside.” When you serve your passion, when you are willing to risk yourself for something, your greatest creative energies are released. Hard work is required, but nothing is more joyful.” – Starhawk

Final Thoughts

I hope these Starhawk quotes inspire you and motivate you to love and gain trust in God. The spirituality about which Starhawk talks about is vital because nature truly is marvellous and powerful.

We can learn and grow if we observe nature. If you are interested in nature, then read our article on lessons from nature.

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