20 Tips To Become Highly Successful In Life (Bet You Didn’t Know )

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

tips to become successful in life

Success is not the same for everyone. For you, it might be having luxuries. For me, it might attain financial stability. For others, it can be happiness. No matter how you define success, the inner core of achieving it remains the same.

The definition or criteria by which you and I measure success can be different. But there are few common things, and those things help us achieve them.

Well, everybody works their ass off to earn a living, and everybody works way harder than you. A person who is farming or constructing buildings works way harder than you and me. So why is he not rich?

What I mean is, when you ask a successful person how he achieved fame and riches, he will say he worked hard. But this is not true. To become successful, you need something more than just hustle.

So, in this article, I have shared twenty tips that will help you become successful in life. Trust me these are not those common bullshit tips you have read a thousand times on Reddit posts or Medium.

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Tips To Become Successful In Life (Practice These Simple 20 Tips)

1. First Know What You Want In Life

When we were kids, we had something in mind to buy whenever we went out shopping with our mom. Remember?

It will shock you to know that success is the same as that. Do you want success in life? Have clarity in life. Just be clear about your goal, no matter how small it may be.

Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked about his secret to success? He replied by saying, “My rule of success is clarity. I set a goal and then I do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Clarity gives you the power of focus. With focus, you find out ways to achieve the goals you make in your mind. To know what you want in life is the first tip to achieve success.

Being clear is not about knowing which career you want to pursue in life. No, that’s not what I am talking about. To know what you want in life is to figure out where do you see yourself in the next three to four years. Make a goal, it can be anything. For instance, you can have a goal to earn ten thousand grand a month.

Just decide and that will help you a lot.

2. Explore Everything (Don’t Hate Something Without Giving It a Try)

Okay, let’s assume you have decided on your goal or what you want in life. But how can you decide your first step towards transforming that goal into a reality? Of course, you need something i.e a career.

Many of you will be confused and that’s totally fine. I was confused too. I was so confused in life that I saw myself to be useless. That’s because I hated everything without trying them.

So one day I decided to just try few things like writing or designing or even marketing. I tried few things failed at most of them but found writing to be my natural talent. This is the smartest and most effective way.

Before finding out your ‘thing‘ you cannot live your life of dreams. Be it Arnold, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos, they knew what they wanted in life. But, they also knew what they are good at which made it easier for them to earn fame and riches.

3. Do Not Try To Be The Best (Yes I Am Not Kidding!)

When we try to be the best, we always see ourselves trapped. Why? Because one day someone better person will come to outperform you.

So try to be the first to take the challenge and to transform difficulties into opportunities. There will be only one champion, and not every one of us is lucky enough. So do not waste time on becoming the best. Try to spend that energy on a more important task.

4. Don’t Lose Patience

If you are someone who loses patience easily, then it will be really hard for you to be successful in life. It’s the important tip that I received from my mom. Be patient because big things take time. Success works on the principle of compounding. You see no big results, eventually.

This doesn’t mean you are wasting your time.

5. Networking (Most Underrated Tip Ever)

Networking can open so many closed doors for you. It is really true when someone finds you an interesting, optimistic and social person, they want to work more with you. People love when you talk to them and when they do, they refer to you. This creates opportunities for you.

On the other hand, when someone loves to work with you they promote you. Network more with people.

6. Find What Distracts You And Ditch That Shit

Find out what distracts you in life. Is it your phone, social media or some time-wasting TikTok’s you watch the entire day? Ditch it because those distractions which may seem small to you harm your focus in the long run.

Also, hobbies are not distractions. Just saying.

7. If Your Heart Is Not In Something You Will Not Do Your Best

Doing something you hate just to get paid better? It’s the worst decision you have made and if you are reading this with a thought of regret, it’s never too late.

Never choose something you hate just to get paid well. See the bigger picture and imagine yourself. Ask yourself, ‘can I do this for my entire life?’ if your answer is no, then ditch that idea.

8. Do Not Take Life Much Seriously

Do not mistake hard work and achieving your goals by taking life too seriously. Have fun along the journey because these will be the days you’ll cherish the most.

9. Follow A Good Morning Routine (Even Successful People Follow It)

There are many successful people who follow a good morning routine in order to charge their mind and body for a hectic and rewarding day.

10. Learn Along The Way

Every month there is something new which is introduced in the market. I am not talking about the products. There are millions of skills that arise every year and by the grace of the internet, they are easily accessible.

Learn new things and stay updated. A knowledgeable man has more chances of becoming prosperous in life than an ignorant one.

11. Prepare Yourself For The Uncertainties

The common mistake which every dreamer does is to forget about the bad days that may come in the future. Being prepared for the arriving uncertainties is the most crucial part. There can be bad days and you must not forget this tip.

You can thank me later😉

12. Ego Can Destroy You

It is for sure that you might get lucky and achieve your short-term goals fast. But, there is also a possibility of you becoming egoistic. Remember that ego has destroyed many strong empires. So, be generous and humble.

13. Thing Twice Before Taking The Next Step

Think twice before deciding anything in your life. Your one decision can drastically affect your future without a doubt.

“If you think you’re smart,think twice to be smarter.” – Toba Beta

14. There is a Difference Between Strategic Thinking And Overthinking

Strategic thinking and overthinking are different. Strategic thinking helps you in planning, making better and calculative decisions. The results of strategic thinking are rewarding most of the time. Overthinking is chaotic.

In strategic thinking, you understand the problem, whereas in overthinking you worry about them. Overthinking can hamper your success. Want to become successful in life? Then remember this tip.

15. Do It With Passion Or Not At All

I have noticed that many people want something else in life but define success in a very different way. This happens when you get influenced by your environment. The environment can include your relatives, friends or even social media.

Understand your definition of success. What if you want a happy family and not the title of the ‘world richest human being ever existed?’. Do you know what I mean?

16. Do Not Waste Your Time In Planning Deeply

Take actions. Do not get stuck in planning. Things in life happen in their own way. Take action without wasting a minute so that you can accomplish your dreams sooner.

17. Find Someone Who Understands You

It can be a mentor, your girlfriend, wife, or parents. Just find someone who understands you and your dreams. Share your accomplishments with them. Trust me, it is amazing. As in the end what you are doing is for your family and loved ones.

You don’t always have to confine yourself in order to succeed.

18. Don’t Be a Jerk

Never find pleasure in pulling other people down. Try to help them. You lose a good part of yourself when you find happiness in others’ failure. Remember that.

19. Get Disciplined

No matter how hectic your schedule is, try to discipline yourself. Eat clean, wake up early and sleep early. These small habits will give you long-term rewards.

Remember that kindergarten poem that goes like Early to rise and early to bed, makes a male healthy, wealthy and wise. This is extremely true. I have tried this and have seen many positive changes in my thinking and how I perceive life.

20. Take Advice But Do Your Own Thing

To take advice is good but one must do what he/she feels positive about. Listen to everyone, take good bits of advice and ditch the useless ones.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned the crucial 20 tips you need in order to become successful in life above. But, keeping those aside, what you need is commitment, honesty and devotion to your target. The process is everything and when you will realise how important it is to love the process you will easily achieve your goals in life.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article helps you. Feel free to comment down below.

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