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Read some of the best and most inspiring quotes by Tom Hardy on success. These quotes by Hardy will motivate you to live a simple, happy, and rich life.

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Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors of all time for me. His performance in his various roles already shows how hard he works as an actor.

Tom Hardy is an English actor. Born in 1977, he has starred in well-known Hollywood blockbusters such as Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Dark Knight Rises. He is also known for his role in the TV series Taboo.

He has a proven history of sticking to his passion and being tenacious.

Despite people’s doubts, he managed to become an actor and pursue his dreams. Now he has won multiple Oscars and is well-regarded in the community. With that said, let’s see some of his best and most inspiring quotes.

 Best Tom Hardy Quotes On Success

success quotes by tom hardy

1.  “When I was nine, I ran in a school race, and I suddenly realized I was in the lead. I looked at the finish line, and just freaked out, then ran to the side as if I’d hurt myself. It was everything to do with the fear of success.” – Tom Hardy

The fear of achieving success often comes from fear of failure, and one must remember to try a little harder to achieve their goals. Also fear of success germinates from the thought that success requires a lot of sacrifices and that’s what freak us out and ran to the side of our track.

2. “I’m not interested in walks in the parks. Anything difficult that people think I couldn’t play. I’m straight at it. If they say ‘Tom, don’t put your hand in the fire’, You know I’ll be coming out of casualty and hour later with third-degree burns and bandages up my arms.” – Tom Hardy

Being in your comfort zone always kills you from the inside. Take inspiration from this Tom Hardy quote as it takes about jumping straight into a difficult task and proving others wrong.

3. “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” – Tom Hardy

The one who is afraid of dreaming bigger is often less focused and excited in life. This is because he/she notices nothing new happening in their life as their brain gets satisfied with what big or small they have. So in order to improve the quality of your life, just remember this Tom Hardy quote.

4. “There’s always a certain pride in getting the job done properly.” – Tom Hardy

Have you ever felt great about completing a difficult task? That’s the pride that comes from completing impossible responsibilities in life.

5. “I think it’s important that you always transform if you can. That’s what I was trained to do. You try and hide yourself as much as you can – that’s the key to longevity.” – Tom Hardy

Notice how far you have come in life. You have changed a lot by experiencing different emotions, and circumstances and learned many new lessons. These factors change a person who is great. It means that you have lived a great life. But the ones who never change have wasted every moment of it. Because everything in life is temporary, but change is permanent. Transform yourself and be the best version of yourself.

6. “It doesn’t matter who you are. What matters is your plan.” –  Tom Hardy

Want to be successful like Tom Hardy? Then plan like Tom Hardy. Start planning for your future now. Doesn’t matter if life goes according to it, it will help to put you on track.

7. “My job is to show and tell. If I get better at showing and telling then presumably I get hired more.” – Tom Hardy

tom hardy success quote

Do your job properly in life. Build skills so that nobody can reject you. If you possess such traits, then there is no one who can stop you from achieving what you want.

8.  “The only thing I can do is wipe my arse, brush my teeth, turn up and do the best work I can.” – Tom Hardy

Just give your best every day.

9. “We are survivors. We control the fear. And without the fear, we are all as good as dead.” – Tom Hardy

Fear is not a bad thing. It keeps us alert and stops us from doing shitty things when we are overconfident.

10. “I was ashamed of not having any relevance… not being comfortable in my own skin. Huge ego, very low self-esteem. A lot of anger and rage and fear. It would be, ‘I’m not going to feel frightened so I’ll strangle the biggest guy in the bar and then no one will f**k with me’. I’ll get tattoos and people will know I’m not afraid to hurt myself and they’ll be like warning signs.” – Tom Hardy

Fear and low self-esteem often lead us to think such thoughts and do something really stupid which we regret later.

Fighting fear and being proud of yourself is a step towards success and that’s what one should carry on with.

I have an article on how to be proud of yourself when no one else is. Give it a read.

11.  “Responsibility has a cost, and there’s no such thing as a perfection.” – Tom Hardy

Have you ever met a perfect man/woman or a perfect job or seen someone living a perfect life? No! no one is perfect, and no one lives a perfect life. As Tom Hardy said, responsibility has a cost, and no one is saved from it. You must be grateful for who you are and what life you got.

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12.“I’m never lost in a character, ever. Everything is absolutely articulated and worked out and there’s no room for error. The only thing there is room for is inspiration in the moment because you’ve done your homework up to that point….” – Tom Hardy

success quotes by Hardy

Successful are the people who did their homeworld well. They planned well and accordingly executed to achieve desired goals.

13. “Every time you need protein, get yourself a boiled egg in. But your main meals would be chicken, or hummus, or white fish. You can lose about a pound a day. But you can do this stuff over a period of time, and you can have your happy days. It’s about motivation and it has to be something that’s realistic for you to keep up.” – Tom Hardy

This quote is not about what diet you should follow. This quote is about being realistic in life. Do what you know you can follow. People often follow unrealistic goals and then they get bored with them after a few weeks. If you want to be consistent, then be practical in life.

14. “Maybe it’s a little ambitious of me to presume that no matter how big the film is, that I can always go down to the shop to buy a pint of milk.” – Tom Hardy

Remember your roots in life.

15. “Spirituality seems to me to be for those who’ve been through hell.” – Tom Hardy

Spirituality really helps to keep you calm and content in life. If you have seen hard times in life, then you must practice spirituality as it connects us with higher energy.

16. “I’m very sensitive. Because my mum was my primary emotional caregiver growing up, I found myself being pinned into dresses, darting her dresses, choosing her high heels for the evening or what to wear. I’m very much a mommy’s boy” – Tom Hardy

I am my mommy’s boy too. I love to do things for her and I can’t see her doing things that I can do easily for her. I do choose her clothes and much more, but do you know why? It helps me to respect women more. It makes me feel blessed and happy in life.

17. “Fame and stuff like that is all very cool, but at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. Although what I do is incredibly surreal and fun and amazing and I’m really grateful for it, I don’t believe my own press release, do you know what I mean?” – Tom Hardy

We all are human beings and we all go through times when we get bored with our lives and just want it to be simple. That’s what Tom is trying to convey through this quote.

18.  “We’re all flawed human beings and we all have a cauldron of psychosis which we have to unravel as we grow older and find the way we fit in to live our lives as best as possible.” – Tom Hardy

No one is perfect, neither you and I and that’s what we must remember in our lives. Everyone goes through a hell of circumstances but tries to live the best life possible.

19. “I have a very busy head. I have inside voices that I have learned to contain.” – Tom Hardy

Try to meditate and contain your inner beast.

20. “Weak people always have to be in a relationship so they can feel important and loved. Once you start enjoying your own company, being single becomes a privilege.” – Tom Hardy

best success quotes by Tom Hardy

I know being alone is hard and irritating, but being alone helps us to know ourselves.

21. “The funny thing is when you don’t let people disrespect you, they start calling you difficult.”

I have been through such a phase of my life where people called me difficult to be with. I was called arrogant, selfish and whatnot. But do you know what I did? I just ignored them because I knew my self-worth.

22. “Stop thinking that just because you have a college degree, it makes you smart. I know a lot of people who own a driver’s license yet they can’t drive for shit.” – Tom Hardy

Knowledge is power, but it doesn’t matter from where you have it. Elon Musk never went to college but did many exceptional things which even PhD holders can’t imagine.

23. “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.” – Tom Hardy

A successful person always treats everybody the same. He never treats someone according to his/her rank and that’s what makes him/her a great, respected leader.

24. “There is a long way to go on, but I do believe that the time is now.”- Tom Hardy

Start now no matter how hard you feel it is to accomplish what you want in life. Because all you have is now.

25. “I don’t fight really. I try not to fight, actually. I try not to react. I’m a Buddha floating on a lily pad.”- Tom Hardy

React only when it’s important, otherwise be a Buddha.


Did Tom Hardy Say I Look Both Ways on A One Way Street?

Yes, that’s the quote which is said by Tom Hardy. It goes like: “I look both ways before crossing a one way street. That’s how much faith I have left in humanity.”

Are Tom Hardy quotes real?

There are numerous quotes you will find on Instagram and Facebook that are not said by Tom Hardy and hence they are not real. However, the quotes you’ll find on this blog is genuine and are said by Tom Hardy.

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