Train And Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind: 3 Simple Ways To Do It

Last Updated on December 2, 2022

Many of you must have heard about the subconscious mind in books, podcasts or videos and how it can transform our lives if we know how to use it.


Subconscious mind and conscious mind both are two sides of the same coin it’s just that you use your conscious mind all the time.

Do you know that you only use your conscious mind while your subconscious mind awakes only when you are asleep?

The subconscious mind can transform your life in a million ways and that’s dependent on what you feed it.

So, do you want to learn how to train your Subconscious to transform your life? Then do read this article till the end.

How To Change Your Subconscious Mind?

How To Train And Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

Don’t you agree with the fact that our mind is the most powerful thing in this world?

Whenever you go through some tough times like depression, failure, anxiety, or stress your brain stays with you, you can’t google the way out from it.

Your brain sometimes figures the way out but sometimes you just stuck in your overthinking which makes you more miserable with time. If you become aware of the powers of your subconscious mind then you can change your life.

If you don’t know how to control your brain and use it in the most efficient way you’re messed. To achieve the control you need to start training your mind.

The subconscious mind is unbiased and stores everything without knowing the nature of the thought. So you need to feed it with good thoughts and desires because if you think negatively negative things would manifest.

Here’s how you should train your subconscious mind to change your life.


Clarity is Power

The first step towards training your mind is having clarity.

Clarity is really crucial before taking other steps because if you are not clear about your goal how can you even desire it because manifestation depends upon the strength of your vision.

When we are not clear about certain things we always remain in mixed associations. Mixed associations mean you think both for and against for the same desire and whenever you think for and against for the same desire at the same time your subconscious mind ignores it.

The training of your subconscious mind starts when you are clear about your wants and focus on it.

As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.

Joseph Murphy

Avoid Negative Emotions

Train your mind to get rid of negative emotions.

After building clarity in your mind the next step towards training your subconscious mind is to get rid of negative emotions.

Sometimes there is always something you want to make it happen but it doesn’t happen. You have clarity, you have plans, you have direction, you have everything but you can’t see any progress in your life then you should stop looking for answers outside.

Take a moment and see inside yourself, ask yourself “Do I have mixed associations towards my plan? Am I not positive about my goal?”

If there are some negative beliefs connected towards your goal then without correcting it nothing is going to work according to your plan.

The way to get rid of darkness is with light; the way to overcome cold is with heat; the way to overcome the negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish. – Joseph Murphy

What you feed your mind with the subconscious mind will work according to it because for subconscious there is no good thought bad thought, love or hatred, happiness or sadness, and so on.

Thoughts have no power, its power arises from the fact that you accept it mentally, so try to avoid negative emotions and your desires, goals will start manifesting.



The subconscious mind cannot understand your commitments, it relies on the action.

As Joseph Murphy quotes, “Once the subconscious mind accepts and idea, it begins to execute it” the same happens.

The subconscious mind cannot understand your commitments, it relies on the action. The day you are clear about your goal to start working for it the same day. Do not make false commitments like new year resolutions.

Start working hard towards your goals and your desire will get fixed in your subconscious mind, you will manifest it.

The power of the subconscious mind is in the power of subconscious beliefs and subconscious beliefs are built by making and honouring a commitment. – Mahatria Ra

Start working towards your goal and this how are you going to train your subconscious mind most effectively and your subconscious mind will start believing in your aims.


The mind is a mighty thing, and to train it is a hard task, but if done right it can do wonders for you. The subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your choices and those choices are influenced by your habits.

“Know that you can remake yourself by giving a new blueprint to your subconscious mind.” – Joseph Murphy

If you see clearly the habits of yours can really make you or mess you up. Train your subconscious and build a strong habit of hard work and avoiding negative emotions. By following these steps you can train your subconscious mind.

So work on it and you will manifest your desires efficiently.

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Written by Mukund Kapoor & Team

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