Different Types Of Success In Life

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

types of success

For most of us, success is all about money. The more money you have, the more successful you are. This is not true.

Do you know that there are different types of success?

There is no single type of success in life. There are 10 types of success in life: Physical success, spiritual success, career success, family success, mental success, financial success, and much more. We will discuss all the types of success in life in this article. Let’s get started.

1. Financial Success

The most common and popular form of success is financial success.

Financial success is a type of success in which a person’s financial needs, like having a good salary, steady income, return on investments, having a home, are satisfied.

This is the most basic type of success, and every human being in the world first tries to achieve financial success before anything.

2. Spiritual Success

Spiritual success is when a person’s spiritual desires get fulfilled.

When a person achieves, satisfaction, compassion, contentment, desire to serve, happiness, this is what we call spiritual success.

It is seen that spiritual success is what an average human being tries to attain when he gets old.
Still, one must strive to achieve spiritual success because it is also an essential type of success that builds the character of a person.

3. Mental Success

Most of us question our goals, our ability, and to overcome this, we need mental toughness, the other type of success.

Sadness, anxiety, depression, and much more are the problems that we are all facing. But how can we tackle it? The answer is simple, mental toughness.

So, mental toughness is another type of success that you should strive for.

4. Career Success

Reaching the highest potential in your career is something we all want in our lives. To excel in our careers, and becoming the best in something we do is what we all strive for.

Career success is also a very prevalent type of success.

5. Family Success

I assume you too want to be your family happy, you want to give them everything you can.

This is what we call family success.

Don’t do the mistake of not making your family your top priority, because at the end of the day they are the ones who matter the most.

6. Personal Development Success

Personal development is a lifelong process of becoming a better version of yourself.

Don’t you wanna be the best version? Or an updated version like a smartphone? Just kidding.

Personal development success will take place during the course of your life.

7. Happiness Success

The core of success is happiness. Even I am trying to be successful like all of you, not to gain materialistic things because with success eventually come but for happiness.

At the end of the end, we want happiness. So happiness success is when a person achieves happiness in his/her life and finds the true meaning of happiness.

You can achieve this success by being grateful in your daily life, and by being in the present.

8. Physical Success

Physical success is a type of success in life where you achieve a health goal. Not everyone sets goals for their healthy body but you should.

Physical success is all about your health, what you do to maintain good health, and how you feel about your body.

A person who becomes confident with his body, and loses his/her insecurity regarding his/her body, and also maintains a healthy lifestyle, achieves physical success.

9. Environmental Success

Environmental success is how you interact with the environment and what you give back to it.

As human beings, we always take from our environment, oxygen, food, water, shelter; but what we give it back is also important.

Having an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is an example of this type of success.

10. Impact Success

There is no doubt that every human being wants to create an impact in society, and around the globe.

Each one of us wants to be famous, and that’s the reason why the Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, Buckingham Palace, and a lot more wonders exist.

Impact success is what we call “To make a difference” or “Influencing”.


I hope you got your answer about the different types of success in life. I also wish you achieve every success in life: whether family, career, or physical, because they all matter in their own way. Do not just strive for money because that’s not the only type that exists.  Having a balance in life is what brings happiness and prosperity.

Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to ask anything in the comment section.

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Written by Mukund Kapoor & Team

Mukund Kapoor is a spiritual enthusiast and self-improvement expert with a passion for helping others find inner peace and fulfillment. With a deep understanding of various spiritual practices and philosophies, Mukund has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge and wisdom with others through his website, Our team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about exploring the depths of the human spirit and helping others on their own personal journeys towards self-discovery and fulfillment. On the site, you'll find a wealth of valuable information and resources on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, personal growth, and more.

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