How You Can Take Care Of Yourself After a Bad Day?

Ways You Can Take Care Of Yourself After a Bad Day

It is tough to take care of yourself after a bad day, and it becomes harder when you are all alone. So what can you do to practice self-care after a bad day?

It is common to be exhausted as a human being. There are many days when everything goes wrong, and you just curse the shittiness of it all.

In 2021, many suffered from anxiety and depression because this pandemic was not kind to most of us. In these bad times, a self-care routine is a must.

But do you know you can turn your bad day into a great and joyful one?

In this article, you will learn 36 ways to take care of yourself after a bad and exhausting day in 2022.

Let’s get started.

Ways You Can Take Care Of Yourself After a Bad Day

1. Journal to express your moods and feelings.

2. Watch YouTube funny videos.

3. Listen to your favourite song. Mine is Peaches from Justin Beiber.

4. Try social media detox.

5. Cook your favourite dish.

6. Take a hot shower.

7. Read a good book.

8. Watch a funny movie or series.

9. Talk to someone. Pour your heart out and the way you feel to that person. In my case, I talk to my mum when I have a bad day.

10. Stop regretting.

11. Find and be grateful for the positive things.

12. Cry if you want to.

13. Meditate.

14. Wrap yourself up in a cosy fleece blanket.

15. Have a cup of coffee or tea.

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16. Exercise.

17. Read amazing, inspiring quotes.

18. Cuddle with your pet.

19. Play with your pet.

20. Go for a walk.

21. Talk to yourself.

22. Dance like no one’s watching.

23. Call someone you love.

24. Try positive affirmations.

25. Do a skincare routine. Apply a mask or whatever you want.

26. Drink cold water and stay hydrated.

27. Try painting.

28. Play a board game with someone.

29. See old pictures of yours. Trust me, you’ll smile.

30. Visit interesting websites. My favourite is drive&listen.

31. Watch a sunrise.

32. Pray to God.

33. Create a Pinterest board of all the things you love.

34. Go for window-shopping.

35. Do colouring.

36. Treat yourself to your favourite dessert.


I hope these ways will help you in taking care of yourself. Just be gentle to yourself in these tough times and accept that not every day will be a good one.

Try to be happy and follow these ways by which you can take care of yourself after a bad day.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask a question in the comment section.

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