Marvel Characters That Are Inspired By Hindu Gods

Mukund Kapoor

Skanda: Inspired By Kartikeya 

Skanda is an X-Men character who is friends with Hank McCoy. He is inspired by Kartikeya, the son of the Hindu god Shiva.

Indra: Inspired By Hindu God Indra

Thor defeated him in an Epic Battle. When Thor asked for a portion of Daeva's energy to revive the Asgardians, he was in Shiva form.

Shiva (Earth-616): Inspired By God Shiva

Shiva first appeared in Thor #301, but eventually became Indra, the Vedic thunder-god. Shiva first appears in Thor (Vol. 2) #61 after this retcon.

Brahma: Inspired By Lord Brahma

One of the Hindu pantheon's three chieftains is Brahma, the God of Knowledge. Despite his few comics appearances, he is too powerful to be a supporting character.

Vishnu: Inspired By Lord Vishnu

Vishnu, Hinduism's leader, sits on the Council of Godheads. There was a meeting between the Hindu God and Odin and Zeus, the Norse and Greek Gods.

Ahriman: Inspired By Ravana

Ahriman is Ravana's other name. He tried to corrupt Superman with Morrigan, Mixcoatl, Baal, and Izanami.

Rama: Inspired By Lord Rama

Lord Rama and Wonder Woman clashed in DC Comics. He is a powerful Vishnu incarnation.

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