10 Practical Ways To Make Money 

By Mukund Kapoor

Learn A Skill

Learning a skill is the best way to earn money in this era. With so many establishments of startups every founder wants a person who is skilled enough to provide the best work. Learn writing, filming, editing or anything.


Start your own website

There are multiple videos that can teach you on how you can start your website and monetize it. Just pick a niche and start creating content. 


Start a YouTube Channel

If you are want to be someone like PewdiePie or Mr Beast then YouTube would be an amazing option for you. There are lot of youtubers who earn millions in ad revenue.


Create Something

Everyone has a cash-making talent. With a little work, you may make soap or furniture, book or a course to sell online.



You have a skill? Now go am montetize it by giving your services to clients via websites like Fiver, Upwork and more sites. Or you can find clients on LinkedIn.


Make money with affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can get paid to promote other people's products. If you're a good marketer, you may make money by advertising everything from retail goods to coputer software and more.


Become an Influencer

You need a sizable fan base if you ever hope to make it to the level of influencer. Use Facebook and YouTube; Instagram and TikTok. Many of today's most influential people in the world who aren't celebrities got their start on these sites.


Publish an ebook

Complete the ebook's writing, formatting, cover art design, ebook launch, and marketing. And earn thousands of dollars from sales.


Start Your Tutions

Science and math tutoring are popular, but English is also in demand internationally. If you're an expert, tutoring could be a fast way to earn money.


Get a part-time job

Most sites let you select for part-time and contract work, so you should have no issue applying. With many organisations hiring part-time, you can make money online without working a full week.