What Your Dreams Mean in Hinduism

Everyone of us see various dreams every night but remember only few. That's because someetimes some dreams have meaning according to Hindusim and that's what we are going to discuss. 

Meaning Of Your Dreams In Hinduism


1- Snake sighting - Profits  2- River observation – rise in good fortune   3- Dancing and twirl — the possibility of receiving unfavourable news  4- Observing Nilgai – the acquisition of material luxuries  5- Observing a mongoose – Liberation from animosity 

6- Observing the turban – gaining respect  7- Observing the devotion – receiving the benefits of a strategy  8- Meeting Fakir – Outstanding outcomes  9 – Observing the cow's calf - a pleasant experience  10- Observing Spring – Better fortune

There are many interpretations on this topic and I feel that you can't always crack the meaning behind every dream but get some idea of what is happening with your life and what your mind is going through. So keep an eye on your thoughts and try to be calmer. 

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