People Believe In 


Only 16% of world population does not believe in god which has made great thinkers to question the existence of god and why people believe in something they have not seen?


Fear of Taking Responsibility

Many people's religious ideas allow them to avoid personal responsibility for what's happening. God will see that justice is done. God will solve environmental concerns. Which is the worst reason to believe in God, because that's not what real belief is.


No One Is Certain

Nobody can really prove that there is no God. I love God myself but yeah I have learnt something recently that every aethist doubts that there might be a God out there and every believer is also struck by a doubt that what if there is no God.


Human Desire for The Universe to Make Sense

We humans want to  make sense of everything. Honestly I do hate religion but I have extreme faith in God. However, the other reason why people believe in God is that they want to make sense of crimes, bad deeds, karma, and stuff.

Here's What I Believe

You might agree or you might not, but I think that when every scripture in this world, every wise person who was born like Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, Buddha, etc said the same thing.

(Leave the pitty and small minds of humans aside for a second I know we have a tendancy to place things fit into a puzzle so that everything makes sense) but just think about this. In this vast and infinite universe, who is the creator. I don't belive in Big Bang because tell me what was before Big Bang and what was before that?