What Do We Discover When We Truly Listen?

Everything in life speaks lessons to us. But only a few really understand them. The difference between a person who understands what life offers and a person who doesn’t is simple. The one who understands life possesses the power of listening. In this article, we’ll understand what we can discover in life if we truly listen.

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What Happens When We Truly Listen?

I got the idea of writing on this topic while reading an article by Harvard business review. The article was titled, listening to people. The article talked about a survey in which top executives of a major manufacturing plant in the Chicago area were asked the importance of listing. And one of the top executives answer it by saying:

“Frankly, I had never thought of listening as an important subject by itself. But now that I am aware of it, I think that perhaps 80% of my work depends on my listening to someone, or on someone else listening to me.” Source: HBR

Most of us don’t even know what life secrets we can discover when we listen. The reason behind this is people don’t even know why listening is important.

Listening is a natural thing and every time we share something with someone, we learn more about them and their experiences. When you listen to others, the person provides you with the information about themselves and their past or they might share things that happened to their friends or read in a book.

These things help the listener understand what he/she can learn from others’ experiences.

Successful people are great listeners and the reason is simple, they learn from others. Because others experiences are the best advice in disguise.

Try to understand what someone’s solution is when you’re talking about a topic with them. That way, you can get advice without having to go through all the same struggles.

Winding Up

Everything in life has to offer something to you what you need is to become a great listener, and when you’ll truly listen, you’ll discover the secrets of living a happy life.

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