What Does Success Looks Like In Life?

Last Updated on April 13, 2022

Being successful is a very personal and gut-level feeling that only you can define for yourself and no one else. You cannot compare your success to another person’s because each and everyone has different situations, different upbringings, and so on. So, in this blogpost we will understand what does success looks like in life and how can we experience it.

what does success looks like in life

Definition Of Success Varies For Everyone

A child’s definition of success is finishing his or her homework or project.

For an adult, success means landing the dream job they’ve had their eye on for a long time.

Success for an elderly person would be retiring and relaxing by the age of 60.

Now the real question is what success looks like.

Does it mean more money? No.

Does it mean being famous? No.

We used to teach our children at a young age that success means graduating at 21, landing a dream job at 25, earning a six- or seven-figure salary before turning 30, or marrying and having children. But honestly that is what society has defined for us.

For some, success is peace of mind, for others its just luxury.

What does success looks like In Life?

The real question is, what does success look like?

Being successful is an inner feeling of being satisfied, happy, and capable of doing things once you desire as a kid.

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According to me, leaving  a mark or making an impact to do something for you or for anybody else is success because this mark can be felt by you and finding a cause that captures the attention of your interest. But see this is also what I think success looks like. For you it can be money, good health or a loved one to support you.

You can never know what success looks like. Do you know why?

Because there are many people who are super rich but suffers from anxiety and depression. On the other hand, there are people who are has really less but still they find themselves happy.

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Its important to pave your own path of success and experience what success looks like. Successfulness is defined as the freedom to set one’s own route, whether as a businessman working a jumbled schedule so that you can also take care of your family’s needs. As an employee where you focus on the difficulties, ask for what is needed. Or as anyone who just love freelancing and want to relax and spend time with your family.

Successfulness is a dance between you and your spirit. So choose how you want your success to look like instead of finding other’s definitions of it.

How To Experience And Feel Success?

In order to truly feel successful, you must be willing to start from the beginning, follow through on commitments, and take action.

Find something that will make an impression on you and make you feel fulfilled.

You must be willing to start over and over again. You must be willing to restart with new lessons learnt.

Consider the most “successful” person you know. Because success can only be judged by your own eyes. Do you have any idea how they got to that level of success? The significant majority of successful people come from humble roots. They work hard enough to achieve their dreams and stay committed to it without complain.

Success is defined by ongoing evolution, particularly from a simple to a more advanced form.

You would be able to see what success looks like only if you keep yourself committed to the process. Commitment motivates you to work toward your objectives and ambitions. Commitment boosts performance and allows you to witness consistent, steady improvement.

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You must fight against seeing yourself as a weak person. The secret to becoming successful isn’t as obvious as it seems at first glance. There are endless hours spent working tirelessly to reach the goal. Sacrifice of giving up other habits in order to devote your time to what is important.

There is the mountain of failures you must overcome before you can achieve and know what is success.

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Winding Up

Being successful means living a happy life without any regrets or fear of failure. For me, success entails being willing to try one more time after failing ten times, accepting things as they are, and being willing to change things that aren’t working.

Also, there are endless ways to experience and find out what success is, but the question is, are you willing to pave that way?

If you liked this blog, do comment down your thoughts and tell me what is success for you?

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