What Does It Mean to Lead a Spiritual Life?

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

Have you ever heard of living a spiritual life through podcasts, spiritual articles, or YouTube videos? Well, that’s what we are going to discover in this article. Like, what is spiritual life and what does it mean?

Honestly, everyone’s idea of “living a spiritual life” differs greatly. For some people, meditation or traveling to a religious place may be helpful, but for others, it may simply be a matter of being true to one’s self. But believe me, it is not to follow strict rules or a diet chart which command you and do not suggest.

Okay, Okay, now you want me to just get to the point and cut the crap (I can read your mind). So let’s begin.

What Is Spiritual Life?

Living a spiritual life is living in tune with our actual selves, coming to the realisation that God is present in all things, and accepting the yin and yang of the world with love rather than judgement.

It is when we realise that life is more than just a rat race, jealousy, and relentlessly pursuing something materialistic even if it means sacrificing all else. When we commit to living a spiritual life, we begin to understand that a life of tranquilly does not have to always be out of reach for us.

We come to the realisation that a life of love, the kind of love that grows, does not necessarily need to remain out of reach at all times.

But why living a spiritual life is important?

When I was exploring the real meaning “leading a spiritual life”, I skimmed through a lot of content and speeches of some great personalities. But all they shared was a repeated idea which I never believed.

Almost every “Spiritual Guru” talked about how living a spiritual life would connect us to God. But if this was true, don’t you think everyone would be leading such life with the motive of discovering that promised heaven?

To Lead a spiritual life is important not because it connects you with God (I mean it does), but at a root level, it makes you realize what you were not seeing. The beauty of this world, which you keep a blind eye to because of the grind and hustle. Your thoughts become clear like still water, and that’s what spiritual life is. It is about stillness and calmness.

How Do You Lead A Spiritual Life?

Living a spiritual life is really simple. It is the wannabe motivational gurus that make it complicated. Want to live a spiritual life? Here are the five simple ways you can:

1. Recognize your own brilliance

Your ego wants you to believe that you are helpless and dependent on it. A desire to obtain everything in sight is born out of this feeling of deprivation. Emptiness is supposed to be filled by money, power, sex, and pleasure, but these things never do. If you see yourself in the light, you can break free of this painful delusion.

2. Allow your Soul to guide you

Anxiety and self-doubt are all what drives most people’s lives. Unless you refrain from falling for these inclinations, you can’t really live spiritually. Disregard the voice telling you that being in command and on guard all the time is necessary to accomplish anything. Instead, be open to new possibilities and let Spirit lead the way.

Assume that everything will go according to plan, then let go and take advantage of any possibilities that may present themselves.

3. Count your blessings

A daily practice of gratitude will help you appreciate everything that you have. God has given you a family and friends. He has provided you with a roof, food to eat, and so much more. To be truly grateful in today’s world, all you need to do is look around and see all the blessings that are right in front of you.

4. Get Rid of Jealousy

There is no good marriage between spirituality and self-centeredness.

First things first: if you want to become one with the world, you need to stop being jealous of other people’s achievements and start praising them for theirs. Being envious is a common human emotion, but if you want to really lead a spiritual life, you must work to turn your envy into something constructive and helpful.

Watch This If You Want To Lead A Spiritual Life

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Written by Mukund Kapoor & Team

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