What Does Surrender To The Divine Means In Spirituality?

meaning of surrender in spiritual context

This article talks about the true meaning of surrender to the divine in a spiritual context. At the end of this article, you will know what surrendering to God truly means and how you can do it.

The True Meaning of Surrender in Spirituality

To surrender does not mean you have to just leave everything to God. Some so-called priests might tell you that, surrender yourself to God and he’ll take care of everything.

Well, it’s true till a point.

Truly, surrendering means accepting God as your guardian and having faith that he’ll put your life on track.

But it is totally wrong to depend on this fact. You can surrender yourself but can control your life according to spirituality.

According to Bhagavad Gita: “You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.”

This means that you should perform your duties in life rather than sitting ideally and thinking as you have surrendered to the supreme, he’ll take care of everything.

You must perform your obligatory duties, you must give your best in everything, and then surrender the results to God.

One great way of surrendering is not to assume that you are the doer. Your mind sprouts from your ego, and it’s always outpouring. The almighty, on the other hand, is within you. Your ego is ignorant because it runs away from reality.

To surrender is to accept life as it is. Understand that whatever is happening in life, whether good or bad, is because of divine will, and one must focus on living life calmly. This is the true meaning of surrender. When you surrender yourself truly, you stop resisting reality.

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Let’s now understand how one can truly surrender spiritually.

How To Spirituality Surrender?

In order to spiritually surrender, one must practice meditation, pray, and chant.

The best way apart from these methods is to understand that you must perform your actions, but you should not expect the results. You should surrender to God and accept everything in your life.

Surrendering begins when you accept the will of God and have faith that he’ll guide you while living your daily life.

Winding Up

Find refuge in the Divine, no matter what. That means accepting God’s will, thanking Him for all he has gifted us with, and professing our love for Him. Just accept the outcomes which are granted to you by his grace.

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What does it mean to submit to God?

You always have to trust that, at the end of the road, everything will be okay. Sometimes it is difficult to do this, but you have to believe that God will use your struggles to grow you spiritually.

Does surrender mean giving up?

No, surrender doesn’t mean giving up. Simply, it means that one must accept God’s will and should do his work for the greater good.

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