Who Can Defeat Lord Vishnu?

Have you ever wondered who can defeat Lord Vishnu? Well this question popped up in my head today and I started to research.

Yup! That’s how I look when I research..

Anyways, if you want to know who can defeat or kill Lord Vishnu then here’s the answer: Lord Vishnu himself. Yes, nobody can kill Lord Vishnu.

There’s an instance when Ugrasrava Sauti sang a hymn about Lord Vishnu which was first sung by Sage Markandeya which talks about the glories of the all prevading Supreme Lord Vishnu. And he said,

“What will Death do to me, I ask while kneeling before Narayana, the original being also known as HrishiKesha. What can Death do to me now that I have placed myself under the protection of Keshav, the omnipresent, ageless, immortal god with the lotus eyes? What will Death do unto me?

I seek shelter in the God who is the shape of the visible cosmos and who can only be recognised by the inner sense. What can Death do to me when I have sought the shelter of Vishnu’s boar, dwarf, and Nrishinha incarnations, as well as the compassion of Madhava and Janardana? I’m throwing myself on the mercy of the universe’s overlord.

What can Death do to me now that I have given myself over to the care of the Supreme Self, the soul of all living things, the one who is made visible in the form of the universe, the one who, without being conceived in a woman’s womb, is nonetheless incarnated through the merit of a religious sacrifice?”

Garuda Puran

See, the simple thing here is that the one who borns dies. As you and me came into existence after the process of procreation and that’s why our death is destined to happen. In the same way Lord Rama, Shri Krishna and other several Avatars or the Supreme Lord Vishnu died because of the sole law of nature.

However, that’s not the case with Lord Vishnu. He did not came into exsistence as he is existence. He was never born and that’s the reason why he’ll never die. He is immortal and that is why no one can ever defeat or even kill Lord Vishnu.

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After all, who would dare to harm someone whose praises are so great that even death shies away? Who could dare hurt the Parabrahma Shriman Narayan, the unborn, unimaginable spirit of the universe? To my knowledge, no one can.

It is stated that only a devotee, through their boundless love and devotional service, can bring Lord Vishnu to his knees. He is only defeated by your love and not in a way that he perishes away, but in a very metaphorical way.

So pray to the supreme being and show your love towards the Lord and he’ll be yours.

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