Why Did Gautama Buddha Left His Home?

In the history of mankind, there are a few people who were recognized for their selfless acts. One such man was Gautama Buddha. Even after being born to a royal family, Buddha left his home and his luxuries to help the masses.

buddha leaving home
Lord Buddha Leaving His Palace at Kapilavastu to Live a Life as An Ascetic

But why did he leave? What made him renounce all he had? Why did he give up his life and luxury as well? If you too want to know why Gautama Buddha left home, keep reading.

Reason Behind Buddha Leaving The Comforts Of His Home

To understand why Gautama Buddha left his home and wealth, we need to understand how his life was before that.

He was born in the opulent house of a king named Suddhodana and was married to the beautiful Yashodhara when he reached adulthood.

As time passed, Siddhartha (known as Gautama Buddha) wanted more from life than riches, fame, and power. He later realized that only an ascetic life could offer him what he was looking for, and this is known as the Great Renunciation, which is a term denoting the departure of Buddha.

But what made him to leave his royal life and take the path of renunciation?

So here’s a short story that will make you understand the real motive behind Gautama Buddha, leaving the luxuries of a King.

When Prince Siddhārtha was 29 years old, he convinced Channa, his charioteer, to drive him into the city. While there, he had his first contact with the Four Sights: a sick person, a dead person, an old person, and a saintly priest. With Channa’s explanation of the significance of the first three sightings, Siddhartha was left in a state of profound disbelief. The holy guy (the fourth sight) stood out to him because of his calm demeanor in the midst of the chaos and confusion around him. Siddhartha realized then and there that he did not want the power and duties of monarchy, but rather the wisdom that comes from learning and deep meditation.

So when he decided to practice asceticism at first but couldn’t continue because of his wife and child, this is the reason why he left his home and the royal and luxurious life.

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