Why Should We Not Keep Mahabharata at Home?

In India, most of the old tales and fables were passed down from one generation to another verbally. However, over time, most of these stories fell out of practice. This was mainly because books were not so accessible in those days—at least not for the common man.

Why Should We Not Keep Mahabharata at Home?

Even if people had access to books, they would have been quite expensive for an average person. So it’s no wonder that many parents would hesitate before giving their child a copy of the Mahabharata at home.

Some may find it weird that parents may ask their kids not to keep Mahabharata at home. Read on as we explain why elders always warned us about keeping Mahabharata at home and if really brings a bad omen or not.

Keeping Mahabharata At Home: Superstitious Or Logical?

The superstitious belief that one must keep one’s Mahabharata outside of the home is illogical.

Almost no reasoning can be found in it. It may have been argued that exposure to harsh realities would cloud our judgment about right and wrong. Some people, in my opinion, have a lot of cunning.

They will go to great lengths to spread any and all wrong information about a topic if they personally dislike it. There is a ridiculous myth that has been passed down for generations. The Mahabharata’s main topic is a family feud, hence keeping the book in a home will create conflict.

Of course, this makes no sense. Even more so, this is a tragedy because the Mahabharata is widely considered to be one of the finest and most influential pieces of literature ever written. Is the Mahabharata about fighting?

(Also, read about the warrior that could end Mahabharata in just a few minutes.)

In a word, NO.

Everything from dharma to artha to kaama to moksha is connected to this sacred scripture. All aspects of human existence are portrayed in detail. That’s what Sage Vayas said.

People enjoy Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and Vishnu Sahasranam Stotram. You won’t find these two epics together anywhere else than the Mahabharata. Having this holy scripture in one’s possession and devoting time and energy to studying it cultivates a greater feeling of humanity, as well as virtue, wisdom, spirituality, and knowledge of the past.

For this reason, one should keep the Mahabharata at home and not fall prey to any false information on the internet or even superstitious beliefs that are spread by the so-called Gurus.

What do you think?

Written by Mukund Kapoor

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