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Mukund Kapoor

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Hey, I'm Mukund Kapoor! I've been writing for 5 years and now work at Awesome Motive, the company behind WordPress tools like WPForms. I also run GreatAIPrompts, and Learnings Of My Life a blog about all things AI. I didn't plan to be a writer; I'm a "Go With The Flow" guy. Started blogging in 2018 for fun and found out I'm good at it. My blog even topped search rankings! I've done SEO writing for 4 years, helping clients get the reach they want. I work hard, focus on details, and know SEO and digital marketing well. When not writing, I'm reading or sipping coffee. I also love Hindu scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita. That's me, quick and simple! Thanks for stopping by!

Skill & Experience

Technical Writing 95%

Creative Writing 85%

Copywriting 60%

Editing 90%


Mukund is a 'go with the flow kind of person as his LinkedIn profile says and trust me his personality goes with his words. You can easily come to him and ask for help, he will always be there to help you out in all your endeavors and indeed a good peep to work with.

Vasundhara Chaudhary

I found Mukund a talented and well-experienced person. He assisted me in writing a blog, and his suggestions worked well!!

Aqsa Sajid

Blog 02
How To Do Keyword Research Without A Tool (Answered) 27 September 2023

How To Do Keyword Research Without A Tool (Answered)

As a blogger, I have been exploring and experimenting with various techniques for content creation over the years. But I soon realized that I could achieve great results without relying on any software at least when I was starting out. This journey has enabled me to understand my niche in-depth, allowing me to develop articles […]

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